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NX Weapons for Pages


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NX Weapons for Pages

Greetings! Now that my Combat Arms portal is active, I am in need of some temporary content editors to help me input data. To incentivize this effort, I am offering to gift NX weapons in exchange for work.

Here are some examples of the types of pages that I need: ACR, ACR Sandfire, ACR Blacksnake. I have created a step-by-step “Content Editor’s Guide” for creating these pages, which will be available to participants throughout this process. The incentives are as follows:

5 pages = 1-day duration
15 pages = 7-day duration weapon
25 pages = 30-day duration weapon
45 pages = 90-day duration weapon
145 pages = permanent duration weapon

All entries must be created correctly, in accordance with the “Content Editor’s Guide.” Don’t worry if you make a mistake, though: I’ll identify any problems and allow you to perform the needed edits in order to receive credit. :)

If you would like to help with this effort, please contact me here: [email protected]. Applicants should be 18+ years old.


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