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Nox Vita [NA] PvE/WvW Guild Now Recruiting!!




Greetings from Nox Vita [eNVy]!

Who we are:

At the announcement of Guild Wars 2 a group of friends decided to get together and form an open minded/family orientated/social PvE/WvW guild. The founding members have been playing together for the past 5 years. We have played all different types of MMOs, such as Aion, EvE Online, Rift, SWTOR and Guild Wars. We are a group that understands RL comes first. We do not hold our members to schedules or dedicated times to play. Our officers are located in EST and PST time zones on the Isle of Janthir server.

What we look to accomplish:

Nox Vita will have a very strong presence in World vs World. One of our primary goals will be to help our server be in the top ranked. Even though our main focus will be on WvW, we will not in any way lose focus on PvE. In the wake of WvW, we plan to explore the whole of what Guild Wars 2 has to offer. Like many players know the bounds of friendship are first found via PvE before PvP. We will also give our attention to forming a strong structured PvP team for our more competitive players.

Type of player we are looking for:

Mature, casual, friendly players.

What we are not looking for:

We are a family orientated guild so we will not tolerate any kind of drama, racism, griefing or outright disrespectful attitudes to fellow players in guild or out.

50 man Vent server (will increase when necessary)
Website with Forums
A helping hand to those who ask! :grouphug:

On behalf of Nox Vita, we like to thank you for the opportunity and wish you pleasant gaming!

Thanks. ;)
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