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Notices - Regarding Beta Invites

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For those that don't keep an eye on the official SGW forums, Khatie made a couple of posts regarding beta.

Firstly (link):
Khatie said:
Hey there;

I sent out a few hundred beta invites last week and this week.

I would like everyone who registered to take a moment to go check their junk mail, and/or try to log in here:


The reason I ask this is because you MAY NOT have received the email letting you know you're in beta - we fixed several server issues last week but I want to make sure the people I'm putting in actually know they are in.

Thanks. If you can't log in yet (by using your beta username and password, NOT your forum username and password, please don't email me about this, thanks), then be patient, your time will come soon.

I only need you to do this one time, and if you can't get in then that's all you need to do. The servers were only down for the first week of invites. Thanks.


Secondly (link):
Khatie said:
If you have any special characters in your username...

... please create a NEW beta account. The number of your account does not matter. Don't be alarmed if you were in the hundreds to start and now are number 150,000. Does not matter - I go by names, not numbers.

However, please create a new beta account if you have ANY special characters in your beta account user name (anything but letters and numbers).


If you have [guildname] before your name, please resubmit a beta application with just your name, no guild name in boxes.

If you have a * or a ~ or a ! or a ? or a < or > or ^ or anything else that is not a number or a letter, please resubmit your beta application with a regular name using letters and numbers only.

SPACES and UNDERSCORE _ are alright.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience in this matter.

I considered not mentioning this but those of you who have special characters won't be able to log in and that's a drag - rather than have each of you resubmit as you go, we might as well do this now, right?




Yes! I agree with your great advice, it really works for me.
Thanks for your information!