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*notices posted at all banks, inns and taverns*


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
All members of the group known as The Hand are hereby named as enemies of the City of Yew. As such there will be a bounty placed on their heads while in the Cities of Yew and Trinsic. Attacks or harassment of innocents will result in a fee taken from any bounty you may otherwise be entitled to.

Thom Gryphon
Governor of Trinsic

(OOC Note- KoS has not been cleared for purposes of this bounty, and all captures must still be cleared with the individuals in question before hand. Bounty will be paid with proof, in the form of a rune engraved with the name of the individual you've defeated, that will be given by the Hand member in question. All normal RoE is still in effect.)

Rick Moore

Stratics Veteran
Outside Empath Abbey

Mikael tore the notice off the abbey wall..... "Insolent Bastards! Who do these people think they are...? What right do they think they have to call us enemies of Yew? We are it's guardians and forever shall we remain such!"

Mikael glanced at his two companions Omen and Malekai. "Is this Thom the husband of our hidden gov'nor?" Omen simply nodded his head in response to the question.

Wadding the notice into a ball and tossing it to the ground Mikael asked the brooding liche, "Has Dervish returned with news of the little girl?" Before Malekai could answer Mikael waved him off. "That no longer matters to me right now... Find Dervish and have him locate our fair gov'nor or this Thom fellow. Either will do. I believe another lesson is in order."

Mikael D'Amavir >H<
The Hand of Terror
The only way to make good is to be bad
ICQ: 8630161

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
It seemed a fine day for a walk to the Abbey. His work done, the Knights Rest restocked, he stashed his work gloves on a shelf and headed out the door. At first he was surprised to find a notice tacked to the door of the Tavern, but as he read what was written on the parchment, he began to smile.

“Very good Thom; this should get a bit of a rise out of the Hand. But I think I can add a bit to their anger.”

Stepping back inside, Aedon went to a chest behind the bar and took out a parchment. After writing his message on the paper, he went outside and tacked it up alongside what Thom had posted. Standing back a bit, he admired the handiwork. And then chuckling, he headed off towards the Abbey bank.

(Posted on the Door of the Knights Rest Tavern)

Henceforth, it is forbidden to carry any weapons or practice magic within the walls of the Knights Rest. This order does not cover members of the Alliance or the Yew militia. Anyone brandishing a weapon within the walls will be subject to arrest or further actions.

Aedon Durreah-Guardian of Aegis.


Stratics Veteran
Cold eyes watched from beneath the hood of a plain brown monk's robe as the Hand's leader threw his tantrum. "Beneath all that bluster, he is still just a boy," the watcher thought.

He almost strode forward right then and ended it. The blade practically screamed for it. But Mikael was always surrounded by his men, his pawns. "Soon," he answered silently to the blade's call as it lay hidden beneath the billowing folds of his robe, "soon you will be bathed in his foul blood. Like all of them. Soon..."
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