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Notice of Open-Recruitment for Lambda Upsilon Xi [LUX]



We at Lambda Upsilon Xi [LUX] are glad to announce to the general public that the guild has opened its doors for open recruitment starting on the 11th of August 2012.

[LUX] is a home for gamers around the world who seek a close family-like bond with like-minded individuals while indulging in competitive gameplay and reaping those rewards together. We are generally an adult guild (18+) however we do welcome younger players with matured personalities. Our society maintains a zero-tolerance policy on racist or any other discriminatory behaviour so that we can provide all our members with a safe and friendly environment online regardless of race or gender.

We are currently looking to bolster our ranks for Guild Wars 2 with gamers from both American and Oceanic time-zones who are focused on either organised PVP (sPVP & WvW) or PVE content or both.

If you find yourself interested or wish to do more research, you are welcomed to visit our official website at www.lux-society.com where more information and further instructions on how to join can be found.

We strongly urge all potential pledge applicants to act quickly because the Open-Recruitment phase will only last until the end of September or our pledge quota is met after which the guild reverts back to a restrictive recruitment policy.

We at [LUX] wish you all the best in your future gaming endeavours and thank you for taking the time to read this notice.

Brody Cropper
Chapter Officer of [LUX]


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Welcome to the GW2 Stratics forums and I updated our Guild Listings on the GW2 Stratic Portal. Wish you the best on recruitment and good luck in your adventures in GW2. :)
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