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Noobs Guide to the Fountain Encounter


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The thing is...it's not a SOLO game...it's a MULTI-Player game.....so find some friends! :) I know I know, it's not easy....just offering a few suggestions is all.


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So basically what u 2 are confirming is that either you barely make the cusp if u do it with (1) acct, have to do it twice because you may not make it in some cases and would lose all the canal pieces, or buy more acct's so I can log in more toons than just the (1) I have.

All 3 options are a bit absurd...How is "soloing with 4 accts" a reasonable excuse that the room solo doesn't need tweaking??
My point was that the fountain is certainly doable with more people. I have not tried it with more than 6 characters in the room, but if I can manage the spawn for 4 players in the room with a single player killing and building, I don't see any reason why a larger group couldn't manage. It's all about strategy.

I will admit that the spawn rate for a single character is a bit low... but at this point, for me anyway, the spawn for 2 characters in there seem pretty slow.