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Nomination Requirements


Crazed Zealot
Nomination Requirements​

This week we started the nomination period for the cities of Britannia.

Nomination Requirements

  1. Not be on a trial account
  2. Not be a young player
  3. Hold citizenship to the City they wish to nominate themselves
  4. Be at least adored
Only 1 character can be nominated per city per account
At the time of nomination the stone will track how much love and hate a character has from the City. A nominated character must be endorsed within 24 hours of their nomination by another citizen of the city. Failing to receive an endorsement will require a character to re-nominate themselves. There is no limit to the number of times a player can nominate themselves.

Voting Requirements
Voting period starts the 8th of June.

  1. Not have already voted with the same account on the same shard.
  2. Not be on a trial account
  3. Not be a young player
  4. Have citizenship to the city they wish to vote
  5. Be at least respected
At the conclusion of the 1 week voting period a winner will be chosen based on the character who has received the most votes

In the event of a tie:

The character with the most love recorded at the time of nomination will win the election
If a further tie exists between those characters’ love values the character with the least amount of hate recorded at the time of nomination will win the election. If a tie exists still at this point the King will choose a winner.

So if you wish to be a member of the Counsel and attend the monthly Governor’s meeting with the King, then please before the 8th go to the city you wish to run for and nominate yourself.

P.S. I am running for Moonglow once more. Be sure to Vote June 8th for your City