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Noenoa, Axillon Ordron


Does anyone know either or these characters?
Axillon Ordron

I used to play UO with them both 2000-03 or there abouts, just wondering if they're still about.

Noenoa lived in the US and Ax in the UK, they met through UO and I believe they actually ended up getting married in real life but I may be mistaken.

Guild was MOE - Mistresses and Masters of Europa

Anyway be great to get back in touch again if they're still about.



This is a crazy old post so not sure if it will ever get a response, but I used to play a lot with Axillon Ordren (although I thought it was Axillion Ordren from memory but it was so long ago who really knows! Believe used to play with Noanoa too although had no idea they got married. Unfortunately long since lost contact since the demise of my ICQ UIN's, in fact completely forgot about Noanoa and this post has just reminded me! Crazy how the mind works!! I think they played on US shards too.I wanna say her sisters username was Celeste but that might be my mind playing tricks on me!

I just googled the username and it came up with a SW:TOR forum post that suggests she now lives in the UK although the post is like 6 years old nearly. She used to play with her sister although I don't recall her name, but they were both lovely people and if it was Ax that she married he was great to talk to as well, I remember we used to talk about the various ultima games.
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