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Lord Gareth

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There is a minor stratics bash which I sorta sat here waiting for because I knew it was coming. Lord Chaos answered his own question by stating they allow gold and item sales for RL $$ which links to ANY website selling items and gold for RL $$ are removed from stratics.

I don't work for stratics anymore BUT I can tell you there is no war, they are to busy updating page information, guides, news reports, item archives etc etc. I've never had a problem with Lord Chaos but before and even after he purchased UOF there was allot of behind the scenes things going on like monitoring stratics staff forums, news stories being re-posted without credit to the writer after spending hours on it, hot linking pictures using stratics bandwidth etc etc.

For the most part UO Forums has a wonderful community and staff as does UO Stratics.

The end

*Thats what I have to say and if ye don't like it the Crystal Portal is that way*