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[News]Tuesday 22nd Crafters Hall Trivia Night Results


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Crafter's Hall Trivia Night

When: Tuesdays the 22nd

Where: The Crafter's Hall

Last night the Crafter's Hall held their first of their weekly Trivia Game Night.

If was a decent turn out. They can't wait until next week. We hope that more
people will show. It was a game of 5 rounds with 5 categories.

The Results The Results are in. Here are the people who took on First,
Second, and Third place. In First was Big John of PITS with a total of 19 points. Congrats! Following behind him
was Tiger Lily of TIPS with 15 points for Second place and Rhotua Redael (a.k.a. Wild Lemons) of E-V right after with 14 points for 3rd place!

Ozog Giantfart came to play too in which he came close to place with 13 points!
Sadly... Dracon got confused with how to use the books properly so he scored a final point value of 6. Better luck next week!!

We are glad everyone had a fun time, and can't wait for next week in hopes of a bigger turn out.
Things will be more prepared and organized so we can get the game going right off the bat and in good time!