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[News]Treasure Map Library Beta Testing & Updates

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator

Last year we tossed around the idea of Revamping the Treasure Map system but it was put on hold for various other projects. Over the last few weeks Lestat, WildStar, Shadefox of Europa and I have been working on completing the project in coordination with Kijustsu Anei, Area 51 and Moria Village. We are just about ready to give it a test run in Tokuno, Malas and Ter'Mur.

The new system is being created by dividing up the land masses into sections and randomly marking runes within each of these sections to cut down on travel time. Obviously you wont need it if the Treasure map is right outside of the Luna gate but for other locations it may be helpful.

The system is free to use and we hope that Treasure Hunters from Chesapeake will help us do some internal shard testing before we release for general testing to RP groups on the Baja, Europa and Atlantic shards. The Runebooks are located at the H-J Rune library on the first floor of the Community teleport hub, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions for those willing to help.


*T-Map Team -Shadefox of Europa has joined the Team
*T-Map Runebooks - Trammel Section 5 has been locked down
*T-Map Runebooks - Trammel Section 6 has been locked down
*T-Map Runebooks - Trammel Section 7 is halfway complete
*T-Map Images - Shadefox of Europa is upgrading us to a Zoomable map, the older version will still be available.

Current Landmass Status
Tokuno Islands - All Sections Available and Functioning
Malas - All Sections Available and Functioning
Ter Mur - All Sections Available and Functioning
Trammel - Sections 1-6 of 7 Available and Functioning
Felucca - All Sections Incomplete