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[News] Townships! Freeze!



Townships! Freeze!
Multiple Towns
April 20, 2010
By: Merik

The following townships were attacked during the late hours of Tuesday the 20th by frozen creatures: Guardians Gate, Kijuistsu Anei Keys, Kijustsu Anei Village, Moria Village, PaxLair City and PaxOku City.

Royal Guards and township malitias came together to beat back the frozen armies that were invading. The townships of Guardians Gate and PaxLair required additional troops and more time to contain. Through the combined effort of these brave Guards and warriors the invasion forces were defeated for now......

Wednesday after the summit meeting townships found themselves under siege once again. Pitmuck settlement located on horse shoe island appeared to be another target added to the invasion. Kijustsu Anei Keys located North of Britain was once again invaded. The newly appointed Royal Guards secured the townships quickly. However Kijustsu Anei Keys proved to be more of a challenge as higher ranking invasion creatures made their way to the area.

After being accused of being behind the invasions by Magistrate Mirt of Kijustsu Anei Village. Chief Detective Sheffield left Delta Butch the Deputy Commander of the Royal guard in charge of security in Kijustsu Anei Keys. Detective Sheffield returned later looking for a "Time piece" he has misplaced. The UHOH guild reported weeks ago that Sheffield sent a grey Goblin army to their area. Is Chief Detective Sheffield behind these attacks? Or is he just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Many questions remain unanswered...
Who is sending frozen armies into the townships?
Why does a Scarlet Rose sit on the post of the Pitmuck banner?
What do the towns attacked have in common?
Is this related to the frozen area through the Mirror?
Frozen creatures? Frozen Balandar?
Is the Image connected?
Does Temptress yet again control frozen armies?
Imperium undead attacks connected?
Has someone or thing resurrected from the well of souls?
Temptress? Time piece?