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[News] Township Summit & Zodok Recovery Pt.1



Township Summit & Zodok Recovery Pt.1
Queen Table, Castle Britannia
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

By: Merik

Ange von Serif filled in for Tavalia Zodok at the summit meeting on June 9th. Zodok had been kidnapped by Scarlet Von Trinsic and others at the previous summit meeting. Serif opened the meeting with a greeting that came across mumbled, broken and a bit intimidated. As she looked at the documents her eyes widened as if she had seen a ghost. Everyone in attendance could tell she was nervous as she shuffled through the papers like a mouse trying to find cheese in a maze.

Aryslan Officially Recognized

She set the papers down and looked around the table. She asked if anyone was there from Aryslan. Jamlyn Hakkendyn raised his hand and Serif acknowledged him asking Jamlyn to please take a seat at the table.

Passing The Time

Serif once again greeted the chamber.
"So...I'm new at this, and I wasn't filled in that well, because we had hoped...To have found Lady Zodok by now But thats obviously...not happened"

Serif flipped through the papers for a second time. She stopped for a moment and laughed quietly to herself and smiled nervously.

Tatania Karthina offered Serif some advice, "Just growl and look impatient now and then and you'll do fine."

Public Works Project

"There's some notes here.....If I can find them...It seems that there was a proposal for a public works project...."
Her Majesty is taking it into consideration.

Commander Drake Foxx

While Serif scrambled though the papers attempting to find something to discuss, Commander Drake Foxx entered the chambers. Serif looked up at the commander, "Oh by the virtues I'm going to be arrested for doing badly..." Serif began to slide down into her chair as the Commander locked his eyes upon her.

Commander Drake Foxx adressed the summit saying the meeting is over. There is work to be done. Serif whispered something to the commander and slipped out the door quietly as possible. The Commander continued on announcing he has orders from Her Majesty and a possible lead on the location of the Ambassador.

A few remarks came from across the table directed at the Commander. He responded by saying, "The Queen who invites you to sit at her table...so I trust you will respect that". Drake Foxx continued, "Her Majesty calls upon all able body citizens To aide in the rescue of Lady Tavalia Zodok Prepare for battle. And rendezvous at the Warrior's Guild".

Before those in attendance left for the Warrior's Guild. Shef Sigurth of Aryslan commented, "To the ambassadors rescue or perhaps a trap by Fox".

Zodok Rescue Mission

Commander Drake Foxx
"No telling what vile evils may you encounter. Lieutenant Irina It has been a while. No doubt you have received the post from Headquarters outlining your mission?"

First Lieutenant Gwen Irina

Commander Drake Foxx
"Good then. Good. This is an opportunity to put your past behind you. Do not let the Guard down. You're taking point on this one. Lead on!"

First Lieutenant Gwen Irina
"Right, everyone, you heard that one. I think you know who your priorities are around here. Follow me, let's go! Keep an eye out for any clues."

First Lieutenant Gwen Irina lead the group North-East from Papua towards the Terathan Keep. Along the way they discovered a pair of sandals with the initials T.Z etched in them. The guard now knew they were on the right track. Once they arrived at the keep they engaged Avengers, Drones and warriors in battle.

After a bloody battle they began to explore the keep further. They made their way down to the lower parts of the keep. There they ran into Ophidian Gladiators and Terathan Keepers.

In the North-East corner room a journal was discovered. Written by Jamison Tort. The journal appeared to be rather worn and torn.


I've been taken prisoner by the foul creatures that nearly wiped us out not so long ago. All over that damn Ricardo business. I thought this was all over?

Curse these reptilian terrors! They're barely keeping me fed, and I've already been in here longer than a day. What's even stranger is the noises coming from the next room over, and I can't tell what it is, but the shrieking sounds awful!

Was able to dig a small hole into the wall between the cells using a stout femur left here. and the things I've seen are terrible! They've been...doing something to these ophidians. They're so odd...they seem to be part Ophidian and part Terathan. They aren't showing the weaknesses associated with the Ophidian part.

I've seen them testing them...flamestrikes, energy bolts, it all seemed useless. The creatures didn't flinch at the strongest blades, or the most devious poison. But when they had brought in anything icy, they immediately shield away. I wanted to learn more, but they're taking them out. There is a man here, I can barely tell that he is human, his clothes blend with the guilded sandstone. He said they had to be guards for...something's coming... *the writing has abruptly ended...*

Upon reading this journal they knew where they had to head next. The Ophidian Lair located in the desert north of the Keep.

Unusual creaters called Ophidian Champions and Hybrid Guards were found inside of the Ophidian Lair. Perhaps these creatures were those written about in the journal. A man was being held in a second floor room who was later identified as Jamison Tort.

Upon freeing Jamison Tort First Lieutenant Gwen Irina ordered everyone to return to Papua. Although they did not find Tavalia Zodok they at least found someone who may have the information they need to retrieve her. Once back in Papua the Lieutenant had some questions for him.

So you're from around here, what's your name?
Jamison Tort

Alright, Mr. Tort. Did you write the journal that was in the Ophidian Fortress?
Yes... I had hoped someone would find it and come looking for me

Was there a woman imprisoned with you at either that location or the one we found you at?
Woman? I don't know anything about a woman. I only saw a man, in the desert. He was talking to the snake creatures.

Was he a prisoner like yourself?
No...they obeyed him. It was so horrible. *cries*

What did he look like? What can you remember?
Just his clothes. They blended with the sandstone.*sniffles*

Did they call him anything? A name, a title?
*shakes head* Nothing, he just commanded them. He seemed to be responsible for that....thing. It was so horrible! *cries**sniffles*

You mean those Ophidians that looked a bit like Terathans? This man did that?

What's your profession, Mr. Tort?
I'm a mycologist

So you...study mushrooms?
*nods* Yes

Can you think of any reason that the Ophidians or this man would've kept you alive?
I was out looking for specimens when those vile creatures accosted me! To eat me for sure! I've answered your questions!

You said in the journal...That the Ophidians this man made Shied away from something 'icy' What was this 'Icy' thing? Was it a glacial staff?
Oh I don't know...the man commanded it. The snake creatures were afraid of it. Shy'd away from it...Like they were afraid

What did it look like? Was it a staff, a blade, an axe?
I didn't get a good look... It was just cold...creatures of a reptilian nature naturally shy away from the cold

Where in town do you live if we have any more questions?
I live near the Inn. No more questions! I'm going home!

Right. You can go, but don't change residence without letting us know.
Thank you for rescuing me

The Lt. asked if anyone found any clues. One person spoke of finding a piece of paper about a debt.

Well, if the debt is his, then that explains why he leaves town so often. So far we know that a man was working with the Ophidians.In charge of them.With an icy...something. And has the power capable to use enough magic to create something that seems part ophidian, and part terathan.

First Lieutenant Gwen Irina presented the information to Commander Drake Foxx. Once completed the commander addressed the Lieutenant and those gathered around here.

Commander Drake Foxx
"The presentation of this evidence will be of great value to Detective Sheffield. See you provide him with a full report. Fine work tonight Lieutenant. As for the rest of you, Her Majesty thanks you for your bravery and your actions have been noted"

"I think your time in Papua is over Lieutenant. I'm reassigning you to Britain. Report there immediately. Disssssmiiisssed!"