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[News]Town of Gargouille Shallows Township Banner Constructed

Lord Gareth

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Town of Gargouille Shallows Township Banner Constructed, Yew Area Felucca
February 25th 2011 Written By: Chie Images: Merik/Gareth

The town name was named after this creature Gargouille to remind use were we come from. It is also claimed that the word “gargoyale” is derived from the name of this monster. The word shallows was used for being a small part of the Gargoyale race stretching from Ter Mur. So we call the town Gargouille Shallows.

Being from the Royal City of Ter Mur and living a refugee’s life was not good. Many of us were packed into the camps with really no place to call home. We knew it was time to leave and search for a home. The trail would be hard but in the end a place to call home would be worth the struggles. We started out as a small group of lost Gargoyles befriending a few Humans and Elves on the way. Passing through many regions we found a long abandoned town Duir of Yew. Started to make are home there we found out why it was abandoned so long ago. There are many groups of evil factions which take pleasure in raiding and killing all who stand in their way. It is our home now and we will not leave for any reason. We have traveled long and endured many obstacles to find a place we called home. Now is the time to stand together and fight for our new home. (Taken from the Information book placed on the banner)

Gargouville The Great

We have traveled long and endured many obstacles to find a place to call home
Town of Gargoville Shallows Founded in 2011



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