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[News] Story Teller Night at Road To Hope Tavern * 7P Central * March 15th




n Saturday March 15th (Third Saturday of the month). Come share some laughs and enjoy stories, poems, history, anecdotes and jokes after a long day of fighting, shopping, peerless or discovery.

This is a great way for all players new and old, Origin and across the shards to come together, drink, eat and be merry.

The tavern also hosts a wrestling pit, dice pit and dart boards for additional drunken recreation following the stories.

The Road to Hope Tavern is located in the player town of Icelyn at 97 deg 50 min North and 14 deg 37 min East. (Just south of the Icelyn Rune Library). In the past we have had some extraordinary storytellers from across the shards and from Origin. Come and experience something special.

imported_Xotche of Meade

Pictures! and recap of stories please.

(Obiviously I missed the event) Hope you plan another.


From my understanding its the 3rd saturday of Every month =)


That is correct every third Saturday we do. Same place same time. The Road to Hope Tavern is always open the rest of the time. Next Month it will be April 19th.