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[News] Sosarian Solstice Fair Results!



Sosarian Solstice Fair Results!
SSF, South of Luna City
April 29, 2010

By: Merik

Townships, Royal Guards and Citizens from all over the lands gathered at the Sosarian Solstice Fair for a night of great competition! All those in attendance were itching to win that first place prize. EM Dudley setup wonderful new events for everyone to partake in. We take you first to the Equestrian Darts tournament.

Congratulations to the winners and all those who took part in this event. Everyone did a wonderful job!!! Was definitely allot different then just trying to hit one target. Hitting three while trying to do it in the fastest time was a great challenge.

Equestrian Darts!
Gareth of Kijustsu Anei Village: 4.325
Amanda: 3.822
Gunga Din of Kijustsu Anei Village: 3.427

Now we all know EM Dudley is a little....well to be frank...Crazy! But where he got the idea for this event I am not sure we will ever know. It did however take us back to the "Classic Shard" feel. Mages could not wear any armor, rings, necklaces etc. Instead they had to dress up in a normal robe and hat.

The Frog Bog
1st - James Robinson
2nd - Lady Aria of Moria
3rd - Lady Tess of Zedland

What fair event would be complete without the horse race?!?! The race began at the entrance to the Sosarian Soltice Fair. Contestants had to make their way down the Southern road of Luna, through the mountain pass and to the Umbra City turn around and back. Not to take anything away from the winner but the second place spot was surely a show to see. Lord Nanoc and Lord Gareth were neck and neck on the turnaround from the mountain pass. A photo finish was needed to declare the winner.

Sosarian Solstice Horse race
Masta Blasta of Moria - to win
Nanoc of Dragon's Watch - to place
Gareth of Kijustsu Anei Village - to show


Is this the same Tiger Lily that used to play on Baja like 10 years ago?

~Ben~ AKA: Arislan