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[News]Skeleton Key Shipping Company Sweeps The 2011 Crabbin Tournament

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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Skeleton Key Shipping Company Sweeps The 2011 Crabbin Tournament, Sons of the Sea in Trinsic City Friday, September 16th 2011

The crew of the SKS Star, sponsored by the township of Kijustsu Anei Village has something to be proud of for years and years to come. Through the power of teamwork and months and months of dedication they have swept every category in the Sons of the Sea, 2011 Feelin' Crabby Tournament!!!

The ship may have been sponsored by Kijustsu Anei Village however are not all of its crew are inhabitants, they also come from other townships and entities. We feel that each township should share in the victory such as Assistant Vice Admiral Adrianna from Zedland City, Crabber Calixtula from Moria Village, Janitor Poopsie from Area 51, Firstmate Kaiko from Kijustsu Anei Keys, Deck Boss Elves from Kijustsu Anei Village, Crabber Lure Alie from Pitmuck Settlement, Crabber Heimaterde from Kijustsu Anei Village, Deck Boss Bishop from Kijustsu Anei Village and Captain Orin from Kijustsu Anei Keys. Guildmaster Santiago from the Sons of the Sea welcomed the crews from the SKS Star and the never give up, never surrender crew of the Lil' Morsel.

"Ahoy every body And welcome to da 'wards ceremony here. It be a long tournament dis summer with lot's o' BEEG Crabs bein' caught BUT...in da end der can only be da one winner. Lotsa crew be 'aulin' dat crab dis summer! But dere be one crew dat deserve a special mention. Beeg mention for BEEG effort! Da Crew o' da Lil' Morsel Captain Sushi! She be da baddest crabber around! Just by 'erself she caught seven thousand crabs over da tournament.

Now we get to da moment ye be waitin' for! Ahem! Ahem! We start with Vessel achievements. Amassing a total of 11,617 total crustaceans Dat be crabs and lobstahs, Da award goes to The SKS Star!

Da next vessel achievement be for da most crabs and lobstahs be caught Dat are BEEG BEEG crustaceans Catching 155 BEEG Crustaceans Da winners be da crew o' da SKS Star!

Santiago went on to announce the Individual achievements in the following categories.
-Most Caught Crustaceans
-Most Named Catches By Individual
-Heaviest Crab Caught
-Heaviest Lobster Caught

Sweeping all four categories was Captain Orin of the SKS Star and in a very close second for Heaviest Crab Caught was SKS Star Deck Boss Bishop from the Empire of Valor guild!

"After der been five tournament windows. After bravin' da 'igh Seas, Fighten da Mobey Lobstahs. Worryin dat ye may not be commin' 'ome to ya lovies. Dem 'igh Seas be unforgiven! An amazing 4599 crabs and lobstahs is da record set by da winner o' da individual catch category Orin!

In recognition of dees many achievements. Da Son's o' Da Sea is 'onored to dub Orin da Champion o' dis tournament!"

Santiago embroidered the back of Orin's hat recognizing the accomplishment. To assist with the embroidering was none other then the mischievous and more diabolically ebil goddess in the history of world Hot Pi... *cough* err Proverbial Goddess of Death Mesanna! The SKS Crew was thrilled to see her once again after their encounter with her on the Seas during one of the tournament windows, where they plotted the downfall of the Noble and innocent Gareth.

The crew of the SKS Star presented Santiago with a gift of appreciation in the form of backpack art depicting the SKS Santiago [Sons of the Sea, Trinsic] crabbing on the high seas which was put together by Calixtula, a statue engraved “Santiago may have Crabs but we still Lobs him” and a chest engraved Santiagos Chest, 2011 Crabbin tournament.

Santiago sent a message for us to pass along to the Crew of the SKS Star "Crew names will be added to ships in the Sons of the Seao Also, Crabbin' Club sashes are doable for the winning ship. I have the Crew, let them know to see me at some point and I'll get them for them"

The crew of the SKS Star would also like to say a few words and sing a song for those who are baffled by their ability to have five crabbers going on one vessel with such high catch results. First for high results just remember this, there is no difference between a full lobster trap and an empty lobster trap, just a little assistance with the same type will empty a full trap and place an empty trap Also running crabbing drills improves your speed and accuracy...just ask Bishop!

And Remember!!!!
Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the crab lines.
*Bob* and Pull, *Bob* and Pull,
Imagination is the Key!