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[News]Promotion Ceremony - Naomie De'Layne

Lord Gareth

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Promotion Ceremony - Naomie De'Layne
EVI Township, New Magincia

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
By:Lord Gareth/Merik

Late last night a special ceremony was held on the SKS Flagship Corpic near the coastline of the EVI township, located on New Magincia Island. Captains working the midnight shipping shift gathered to witness the promotion of Naomie De'Layne, conducted by Fleet Admiral Orin.

"As Admiral of the EVI/SKS Fleet, I have the great honor and privilege of promoting one of our finest officers. At the bottom of the Sea lie the most Ancient and Powerful of civilizations within this world, the Merman and Mermaids."

Orin held the Trident over the side railing, dipping it into the Sea as he continued the speaking..

"We ask for their blessings to be bestowed upon the promotion of Lady Naomie De'Layne. We are but mere slaves to the will and needs of the Merman and Mermaids; do you Lady Naomie De'Layne give your faith and loyalty to not only the EVI/SKS but the Merman and Mermaids below?"

Once Naomie De'Layne answered yes the Trident began glowing a bright golden color which signified the blessing of the Merman and Mermaids. Orin then raised the trident above Naomie's head for her to receive their blessing.

"As you are doused in the blessings of the Merman and Mermaids, I hereby promote Lady Naomie De'Layne to the rank of Vice Admiral, with all of the rights and privileges thereto. May the Sea have mercy on your soul."

Fireworks were launched into the air as attendees called out for Naomie to make a speech. With a humble smile she turned towards them to speak.

"Thank you, we may have many obstacles to face in the near future and I wish a collaboration of all, within those words I mean input and full recognition of all. Could be those scallywag pirates or could be unknown monsters, demons, dragons ...but know we will not, the lot of us...have mutiny within our ranks. Thank you all, friends!"

Congratulations Naomie De'Layne on your recent promotion to Vice Admiral!!!