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News of the Realm


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Public Hunt

The other week saw the first public hunt of Escaflowne's since his return, and what a great turnout it was.
The large group of adventurers took down Lady Melisande, then Travesty and finished the evening sitting on the dock of the bay watching Scalis fade away.
There will be more public hunts coming in the future! Not as regular as they used to be but they will take place.


Reconstruction of Chaos Cove

The Rebuild of the player town Chaos Cove has begun again. It was tore down apart from one plot when Escaflowne left these lands on an epic adventure. Now he has returned he has started to put it back together. The plans this time round is to turn it into a tropical resort with a bar, restaurant, hot springs, BBQ Area, mini Casino and entertainment tents and of course the Chaos and Bear Museum.


New Settlers

A new faction has begun to settle on the shores of New Magincia. The Soarian Exiles have carved out their own corner and begun construction of their town. We look forward to seeing more of them in the future!

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