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[News]Morrow Verdict Shocks The Land!!!

Lord Gareth

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Morrow Verdict Shocks The Lands
Courts, Trinsic City July 25, 2011

By: Merik/Gareth

The outcome of Kendrick Morrows Trial was expected to be a slam dunk guilty. The verdict was delivered by Royal Guardwoman Sarberius for Not Guilty on all counts listed below by Seven of the Nine Jurors, despite eye witness accounts from Ozog, Blackheart and Phoenix.

1. Murder of Innocent of the Realm - Not Guilty
Attacks upon the townships of the Realm - Not Guilty
3. Kidnapping of Lord Balandar - Not Guilty
Attempted Murder of Lord Balandar - Not Guilty

Kendrick Morrow gave each Juror something to think about in his closing statement, which is believed to have contributed to such a verdict. Jury Foreman Sarberius had this to say, "We were to base our decision on the evidence presented and what Kendrick Morrow was accused of affected many townships. For only four people to speak at the trial with little evidence there was not enough proof to find him guilty."

Kendrick Morrows closing argument
"This chain of events began quite some time ago. As you know, I am a nobleman of Vesper and involved in much business there I have profited well throughout my life, and have two hobbies Magic, and collecting ancient and curious things. I prefer the more whimsical magic, but due to my name and status, was unable to perform often without being plagued by people begging for funding. So I began to appear as Kendrick Morrow, instead of as myself. I performed many times, and even recognize some of you from the shows. This is to explain why I go by two names. Now to return...as a nobleman, I was often invited to various functions, balls, and the like and became friends with Queen Dawn, Ambassador Tavalia, and many others. Commander Foxx and I even met many a time, and were amicable at first. However, at some of these dinners and the like, I witnessed his penchant for drink many enjoy but for Drake it sometimes went beyond that. With his position as the Commander of the Guard, I didn't wish to... cause any trouble, so I spoke privately with the Queen. She must have spoken with Drake, as he confronted me about it later. It was shortly after this that suddenly many of my things were being stolen
And Drake and the Guard's efforts at recovering them were not completely successful. Very important items and things I'd spent years collecting were not recovered. Scarlet always stayed a step ahead of others. It was shortly after this that I received word that Kendrick Morrow was requested to perform ... at the Castle. I was honored, and for a moment, at least, thought my troubles were behind me while my belongings were taken, I could rebuild. Imagine my surprise when I was blindsided in Britain, and awoke to find myself naked and bound and for the Royal Guard to be accusing me of kidnapping a friend of mine! It was only the next day that I was even informed she'd been murdered, and I had to learn it..from the papers. I grieved for my slain friend, and did what I could to assist in trying to find the murderer. Of course, during all this, I heard of the search for this map, and due to my unique connections...I began to collect the ones I could through business deals and trades I was not very successful, and in fact, only collected one piece, which was in my safe. It was almost immediately after this map piece came into my possession that I was accused of...being this Magician person, so I was forced to flee Vesper And heard that all my belongings had been siezed by the Royal Guard. I sought refuge in Ilshenar, and was taken captive by the Jukans I was able then to escape from them due to their lack of precautions. The Jukans hatred of humans is well known. Their alliance with Blackthorn caused irreparable damage to their relations with humans. I was captured by them, but managed to escape, and was attempting to defend myself...When I caught sight of what I hoped was a rescue party. I shouted out to the Jukans that I would kill them, trying to bluff them into leaving me alone, When to my surprise, the Guard turned instead against me and my summons instead..of the Jukans! Then I was dragged off by Commander Foxx here, and tortured in front of all of you. All for a piece of parchment. That if he'd ever offered to purchase or trade for legitimately in the first place, would have been done in a simple and proper transaction. I acquired it through a broker who refused to divulge the identity of the current owner. This is fairly common in very expensive transactions, to try and avoid someone from finding out who has an item, so it's not stolen from them. I never controlled any machines of the Jukans. Blackthorn's followers controlled them. Did you see me able to use mechanical creatures against the Jukans when you captured me? If I could have, I would have! The Map fragment was stolen from my vault while I was in jail, according to you all. After you all decided to strap me to another torture device and use dangerous and unknown magic!