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[News]Mesanna Vs. Gareth War Recap

Lord Gareth

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Mesanna Vs. Gareth Recap - Finger Island, Tokuno
Monday, June 27, 2011 By: Funtony and Gareth,
Imperium News Service
Selected Storyline written by Mr Clean

[Mesanna's Temple]

During the Hall of Commons meeting on June 26, 2011 the great and powerful Mesanna gave those in attendance one last chance to withdraw their support for Lord Gareth and the Britannia Mage Tower army, in return they would be forgiven and have the chance to serve the "Winning side" Elder EM Dudley and Mesanna had this to say

Elder EM Dudley, "There has arisen a level of tension between some misfit collection of individuals and the dark and almighty powerful Goddess Mesanna. These aggressors have challenged the great and powerful Mesanna and promised a most painful and slow death."

Mesanna, "I am here to give everyone one chance. Think very carefully who you want to back, There will be no mercy for the ones that back this person! think long and hard your last chance to change your mind will be tomorrow night do not be late!"

An ultimatum from the powerful one herself! Elder EM Dudley and EM Drosselmeyer implored everyone too choose wisely but many did not heed this warning.

How the situation got to the point of war is still surrounded in mystery but many rumors have circulated throughout the community. Some say the war was nothing more then an attempt to overthrow Mesanna and claim her powers for themselves, while others suggest Mesanna was nothing more than an imposter, unworthy of worship and the powers bestowed upon her....and something else about "hot pink robes"

On Monday, June 27, 2011 Gareth aka "Snooky the Mage" attempted to defeat Mesanna and her Minions. He put up a good fight by recruiting as many as he could to his side calling it "His Army". Battle lines were drawn. They stood across from each other with Gareth's Army behind him and Mesanna's Minions behind her. Mesanna gave Snooky one last chance to give up his foolish nonsense and succumb to her will.

Of course, as stubborn and as loud-mouthed as Snooky is, he did not relent, but was adamant that he and his Army would prevail by defeating Mesanna once and for all. To show his determination he ordered General Nyx to execute two Goblin prisoners they had taken from the island of Pitmuck. Ozog Giantfart in a brave and daring move rescued Lure Alie from death but was not quick enough to save one of Mesanna's followers who exploded in a blaze of purple potions.

Before Mesanna could react, 'A Merman' suddenly showed up, just before the battle was to begin and wanted to give Gareth a very special power, "breathing underwater". He asked the people on the Island to follow him so Gareth may learn this new Power.

Some may have thought it was some trickery of Gareth's or some may have thought it was a ploy by Mesanna to drown Gareth and his Army. As Gareth reached the edge of the water the Merman opened his mouth and swallowed him whole, taking him to the sea.

The Merman wielded his Trident and caused to appear dozens and dozens of Water Elementals, Sea Serpents, Krakens, and other Sea Creatures. Armies from both sides were distracted by the onslaught of these creatures and were temporarily forced to band together to defeat the MOBs that kept attacking them. The Sea Creatures did not care who was in who's Army!

Shortly after the long onslaught of Sea Creatures, it is believed that Mesanna caused to appear not one, but two huge Spiders called
'Navrey Night-Eyes'. She did this to distract Gareth and his Army, so that she could isolate Gareth (Snooky the Mage) in order to do battle with him 'one on one' and to finally set the record straight, as to who was more powerful!

Witnesses saw Mesanna and Gareth together in the water just north of the top of the Island. A heated discussion took place and a battle of not only Magic, but wits started. Insults were thrown back and forth. Accusations were tossed at each other. Words of Magic and Mysticism were seen hurled at one another. Suddenly, Gareth was seen face-down in the water, dead!

Mesanna had finally showed Gareth that she was not one to "mess with". She showed Gareth who was 'Boss'! She told Gareth that she would not allow him to resurrect until he heard what she had to say. Others from his Army and perhaps friends of his, tried to get their ships close enough to try and ressurect him. Mesanna warned them that if any tried to 'rez' him that they would meet a similar fate as Gareth had.

Mesanna spoke to Gareth and made him listen. She made him admit 'Surrender' and to tell ALL that were present who was
the "Ultimate Power". She told Gareth that he was her Slave for as long as she wanted him to be or for a week, whichever was shorter. Mesanna changed his name from Snooky the Mage to Gareth, Slave of Mesanna!

After that, the current inhabitants of the island were treated to pieces of Gareth's remains eaten by the fishes. They were encouraged to go to their homes and mount the Fish on their Walls, as a reminder to not mess with the powers of the Dark Mistress Mesanna. Ales were handed out, people got drunk, and then general sillyness started. Friends opened up gates for others to take part in the celebration or to try and steal the thunder from the two Armies that faced death to stand for what they believed!

So shall it be written in this Reporters opinion...