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[News] LotRO Roheryn Downtime & Book 13 Patch 1 Notes


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The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar's Testing Server, Roheryn, has been taken down, updated, and brought back up! Read the full details below!
Scheduled Roheryn Downtime: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) Thursday, May 14

UPDATE: Roheryn is now available! Enjoy!

The Roheryn Server will be brought down on Thursday, May 14 from 6:00 - 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) for an update to the game. Click here to read about changes. All other servers will remain up and available during the downtime.

Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you back in the game soon! <!--break--> LotRO Stratics Patch Notes Archive - Book 13 Patch 1 Notes
(Current as of March 5th, 2008 - 17:00 EST.)
Will go into effect when the Patch goes live on Tuesday, May 13, 2008.

Book 13 Patch 1 Notes


  • Toggle Skill Fixes: The following skills are no longer disabled by disarm.
    • Stance: Strength - no longer requires a ranged weapon
    • Stance: Precision - no longer requires a ranged weapon
    • Stance: Endurance - no longer requires a ranged weapon
  • Guardian's Defence - no longer requires a shield
  • You can once again move items around in your inventory while crafting.
  • “Disarm” will now only disarm the Main-hand weapon. This change opens a few known-issues, see below.
    • Known Issues:
      • Graphics Issue: When a player is first disarmed their Secondary Weapon/Shield disappears briefly.
      • When a dual-wielding player is disarmed they are unable to auto-attack with their secondary weapon.
  • Lore-master: The Improved Sign of Righteousness's icon effect will now last the full 60 seconds.
  • Fixed hunter guide skills failing to guide you out of private encounters.
  • Fixed Minstrel "Tale of Heroism" and other group benefiting skills (i.e. Hunter's "Find the Path") within Raids.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing timing issues with ranged and channeling combat skills. These issues were primarily seen by Hunters (e.g. the skills “Quick Shot” and “Focus”) and Lore-masters (e.g. the skills “Burning Embers” and “Blinding Flash”).
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a rented mount to be player-controllable, but would also prevent dismounting.


  • Crafting (Cooking): Fixed incorrect icons for both the "normal" and "superior" versions of all five types of craftable fish meals.
  • Loot: Fixed a bug that was preventing scholar recipes from dropping in loot (Actually, there was a very tiny chance of getting a scholar recipe. Now normalized.)
  • Craft: NPC Taddyn has been updated to exchange Small Wight Barrow Treasure for the new item used in recipes (Small Treasure).
  • Craft: Taddyn now exchanges "Scarred Huorn Heartwood" for the newer item "Scarred Heartwood"
  • Craft: Taddyn now exchanges "Very Sharp Aurochs Horn" for the newer item "Torn Claw"
  • Loot: The old craft recipe for “Superb Leather Leggings” will no longer be created when using scroll cases.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing avatars to get stuck in the fishing animation when jumping while a fish was on the line.
  • Fishing supplies can now be purchased from Garbert the fisherman in the Trollshaws.
  • The "Basic Fishing Pole" can now be purchased from any Fishing Supplier.
  • You can no longer use combat skills while fishing.
  • The "Fisherman's Foe" quest can now be advanced and completed. If you had this quest underway, it will be removed from your quest log and you will have to restart it.


  • Various mapnotes (stable-masters, etc) in Forochel now conform to the fog-of-war state.
  • The “To Evendim” button now shows up on the Forochel map correctly.

  • Sorting the Who panel by quest will no longer crash the client.
  • The name of the quest now appears in the tooltip on the who and open fellowship panels when a quest is specified on the player's LFF or LFP entry.
  • Your fellow's quest status should now be shown properly when returning to a fellowship from being link-dead.
  • Since you cannot fellow with Rangers or group with Trolls, their entries have been removed from the available classes on the open fellowship UI.
  • Auction: The Trophy sub-category under Crafting should now list trophy items used in craft recipes. Important Note: If you currently have a trophy item listed on the auction house you will need to cancel the post and re-post it before it will be displayed in the correct auction category.

  • Crossbows returned to normal size when Hobbits sheath them on their backs.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing NPCs killed through drama events to enter their t-pose.


  • Fix for the horse whistle. There will now be two shorter and cleaner whistles only heard on the client-side. No more hearing entire groups whistle for their trusty steeds!

  • The quest "The Choicest Cut" now gives its intended reward item.
  • We have greatly increased the respawn rate of the Caged Warg needed for the "An Audition" quest.
  • Fixed quest directions for “Fisherman's Foe.”
  • We increased the movement speed of the Raven in the "The Raven" quest in Forochel, so the escort portion of the quest should advance more quickly. We also thinned the number of monsters that spawn to attack him.
  • Replaced the description for the Small Trap reward (Forochel).
  • We fixed the guidance text in the "Who Burgles the Burglar?" quest.
  • We have made the "Wayward Bull" a little less aggro-tastic.
  • The "Lost Fellowship" deed now advances on completion of "The Choicest Cut," instead of "Hungry Bear-friend." If you have already completed this deed or have completed "The Choicest Cut," you will be unaffected. If the deed previously advanced for you due to completion of "Hungry Bear-friend," you will need to complete that event of the deed again.

Monster Play
  • The “Eyes of Unnerving” icon will no longer stack on the Warg. It will now be properly removed when the Warg toggles off the “Eyes of Unnerving” skill.
  • Defiler heals no longer require the Defiler to face the target of the heal.
  • Defiler heals no longer break Wargs from stealth.
  • The Defiler skill, “Fire Gourd,” has had its resist category removed. This skill can still be missed, blocked, parried, or evaded.
  • The Defiler skill, “Curse of the Sticky Feet,” has had its resist category removed. This skill can still miss. This change puts this skill in line with other similar skills.

  • Defeat in portions of the Lossoth village of Kauppa-kohta will no longer send players to Breeland.
  • A defeat volume found on the northern shores of Talvi-mûri has been removed. No longer shall you get smacked down for just wanting to walk out on a fjord.
  • A Zigilgund miner is now no longer deluded enough to believe that Arnmorth the Exacting can be defeated solo, and will advise you to bring allies.
  • We have added the rewards that were missing from the "Venturing Forth" quest bestowed in Kauppa-kohta. These rewards will allow you to complete the "Defender of the Lossoth," "Protector of the Lossoth" or "Hero of the Lossoth" item sets. If you have previously completed this quest, you will be able to take it again and choose your reward.
  • Loot: Fixed a bug that was preventing Frost Grims from dropping trophy items.

  • The Warrior's Blade is once again a part of the Warrior of Rivendell item set.
  • "Blackened Wight Skull" mentions in the description of it being used in crafting but the information was not correct. The item is not used in crafting and the description has been updated.
  • A few pieces of Angmar jewelry that were buffed up in book 12 were debuffed accidently in book 13. They have been returned to their book 12 status.
  • Niko’s Bow and Niko’s Crossbow now have the correct ranged item stats.

  • You should no longer see reputation updates for -000 in red text when earning reputation in a region for the first time.
  • Fixed a stuck location in the Thrang encounter in the Rift.