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[News] Jade is the Winner of Origins Biggest Fish Contest!



<FONT size=5><FONT color=#9acd32> <DIV align=center><FONT size=4>Jade is the Winner of Origins Biggest Fish Contest!</FONT>

rigin's biggest fish contest was held tonight and the grand winner with the prize fish of 138 stones was Jade of KK.


She won a 100K, some nice fishing related items and had her fish mounted as a memory of the event.

There was a lot going on at the event! Of course there was fishing, but a heated battle of chess was taking place on the docks while the gamers waited for the fish to bite.


A fishing contest is never complete without a trade of fish tails and the biggest tail told was for an incredible number of stones which everyone found amazing! And there was Muskie who wandered around as the local trivia expert.

Everyone had a great time fishing, talking, finding places where the fish bite, trading tails, laughing and trying to get that big fish!

The second place winner with a fish of 51 stones was Britt Fairchild and the first place winner of those brave fisherman with a skill of less than 80 was our trivia expert of the crocodile tongues, Muskie who had more thigh boots than anyone else!<