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[News] Hit The Deck! (Net Toss)



Hit The Deck! (Net Toss)
Kijustsu Anei Keys
Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Fishing Council of Britannia and Kijustsu Anei Keys hosted the bi-weekly net toss this past Sunday. Twenty-five green nets and Two white fabled nets were thrown this week. One lucky participant had a special item drop from one of the Leviathans. The event was made to gather people for a "Hack and Slash" before the weekly Hall of Commons meeting on Sunday at 9:00pm EST. If you wish to partake in this Net Toss just show up to the Pier at 8:15pm and be ready to take on the sea creatures at 8:30pm. You just might be luck enough to get a Ghost Ship Anchor or Seahorse drop! Gates will open from the Pier to the Hall of Common at 8:50pm.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible

Lestat - Kijustsu Anei Keys Portreeve (Nets)
Poseidon - FCB Fleet Captain (Nets & Anicent Nets)
Tiger Lily - TIPS Guildleader (Advertisement Runes)
Gareth - OOC Imperium Leader (Poster)
Jonah - (Nets)
Geos Cook - (Nets)
Orin - FCB MasterChief (Nets & Net Tosser)
Mirt - KAV Inhabitant (Nets)
Trillo - KAV Inhabitant (Nets)
Nixi - RBG Royal Spellbinder (Pictures)