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[News]Higher Magical Education comes to Kijustsu Anei

Lord Gareth

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Higher Magical Education comes to Kijustsu Anei
Britannia Mage Tower, Kijustsu Anei
August 10th 2011

The Britannia University of Magics has opened its doors to public registration this morning. Located on the ground floor of the Britannia Mage Tower students gathered for their first lesson from Professor Lightenburg.

Professors promise a challenging and rewarding schedule for new and elder mages from around the land. Courses include Basic Alchemy, Advanced Toxins, Paws Healing, Rare and Exotic Enchantments, Barrier Defense, Advanced Conjuration and more.

The University has yet to reveal where its funding comes from but from what we have seen its must come from very wealthy or powerful individuals. When questioned about the teaching of "Black Arts" Tower Arch Mage Gareth had this to say, "We are very careful with what material we allow the students to access, the Professors will make that judgement call when the time comes."

Not to reassuring to those living within the village but until something explodes, someone disappears or dies we will support the movement for Higher Magical Education.