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[News]Healer's Guild Admission Quest

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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Healer's Guild Admission Quest, Vesper Healers - Monday October 02, 2011 By Lord Gareth, Imperium News Site

Townships gathered for the first Healer's Guild Admission Quest at the Vesper's Healers building tonight. They were given the task of submitting one remedy to common maladies with detailed information on its history, possible methods of transmission, signs and symptoms, treatment and preventative measures.

With the submission they would also need to include the ingredients necessary to treat the Malady. The Entries from tonight were Creative and Amazing! Everyone did a wonderful job on them and we were lucky enough to receive some of the entries from Kijustsu Anei Village, Dragons Watch City, Moria Village and Zedland City and have included them below.

Granite Soremine
Britannian Tower Healer, Kijustsu Anei Village

Granite Soremine is a common complaint among many workers in the Mining field, and something nearly every Cave Miner experiences during their career at one point in time or another. The first Major outbreaks were reported by Mining Cooperative Officials from the City of Cove during the Population Explosion of 319. Granite Soremine is named after the Granite Stone which was extracted in record amounts from the Cove Mountains to keep up with high demands for building construction across the lands. The infection has been connected with mild to long term exposure and or short term exposure in mines with High concentrations of the stone.

Granite Soremine is commonly misdiagnosed because of its initial symptoms present as a simple Muscle Stain. Around day three you will begin to experience moderate Stiffness in one or more of the following areas; Hands, Forearms, Feet, Knees, and or Belly accompanied by mild itching and skin pigmentation change. With many different types of Stone Granite it may present in one of the following shades:

Dull Copper

Shades of Agapite, Verite and Valorite have been reported on very rare occasions. The skin pigment changes are due to the Granite Stone Dust that has infiltrated the deepest levels of your skin. Treating Granite Soremine is pain free and easy with Sulphurous Ash, Obsidian, and Spider Carapace.

Sprinkle crumbled up Sulphurous Ash to the infected area. Once a tingling sensation is felt immediately place Obsidian on top to prevent skin burn and blisters. The Obsidian will endure high levels of heat generated from the Sulphurous Ash as it begins to mix and eradicate the dust fragments within the skin. To keep the Obsidian in place for the next seven days place a Spider Carapace on top of the Obsidian and secure it by wrapping long bandages around it.

Curing Granite Soremine may be pain free and simple but the treatment is not commonly administered. With most cases reported by miners in the field they are unable to fulfill the required Seven Days of bed rest that is required with treatment. Granite Soremine left untreated is not life threatening but will result in permanent full body skin pigmentation changes.


Mayor Nanoc, Dragons Watch City

Jumping Toad of Papua Syndrome (JTPS) was discovered with the finding of the Lost Lands. It was easily spread to explorers from the Giant spotted toads in the swamp lands of Papua. The first symptom that is displayed is the jumping reflex to loud noises. It has been said some men are able to jump 15 feet in an up and forward movement. Then patients are noted to begin screaming, flailing arms. The third and most dangerous sign of Jumping Frog of Papua Syndrome is obeying commands in a reflexive, involuntary manner all while constantly ribbiting. An example would be if told to strike down a township citizen with a dull butter knife they would do so without question.

The cure for Jumping Frog of Papua Syndrome is difficult to obtain. One must go about castrating the Giant Toads and obtaining 15 Toxic Venom Sacs. The Venom Sacs are then mashed and blended with 2 ginger roots. Mash for 12 hours using a pestle and mortar then apply to the patients underarms and behind the knees. Wrap with warm cloths changing it once every 3 days. The patient will start asking for frog legs for his meal, but under no circumstances are they to be given any frog meat or amphibian for that matter.

Frenzied Ostard Fever
Guildmistress of ViPs Sundina, Moria Village

A viscous disease called frenzied ostard fever has erupted throughout the t2a lands. It is believed that the disease was caused by a mutated parasite that made its way onto rats and rabbits which were eaten by the frenzied ostards. This fever is highly contagious and being anywhere near the ostards is a huge risk. Many tamers have been affected by this ruthless disease. All humans are highly susceptible to the disease and are advised to avoid t2a at all cost.

The frenzied ostard fever forces the victims to hallucinate and make their way toward a crowd of people, it also forces them to become aggressive where they can no longer control their body movement.

Find some mandrake root, ginseng and garlic, grind it up and create a strength potion, a heal potion and a cure potion. Next, cut up some enchanted apples and squeeze the juices all over the victims chest. Next, place a clean white cloth on the chest but make sure it is heated first. Lastly, damp a white cloth and place it over the victims forehead. The victim should start feeling better within 24 hours of following the remedy in the right order.

Minoc Pox
Jess the Wench, PaxOku City

This malady is sometimes seen in Winter among miners and beasts of burden which accompany them into the depths to dig the various metal ores. It is believed to be caused from inhaling certain ancient impure airs trapped beneath the rocks in ages forgotten.

Symptoms include fever and tremors accompanied by an odd, sparkling, metallic-looking rash about the torso and extremities.

It is cured by a simple healer's spell, but among the miners there is a folk remedy to prevent the malady before it is even contracted: In a small pot of boiling water, eight garlic cloves and a good dose of honey are stirred
together with a small lump of refined valorite.

The mixture is boiled for a few minutes and then allowed to sit for an hour, at which time it is strained and drunk by the miners (or poured over their beasts' food) before descending into the mines. Rarely, Minoc Pox has been known to leave some scarring behind. In such cases the victim is instructed to bask in the glow of a blue moongate overnight, and all traces of the scarring will fade.

NarJuo Rash
Lord Gareth, Zedland City

Scaly and Crusted Green skin are signs of the NarJuo rash. This Rash is typically caught by those whom have recently visited the Trinsic area. NarJuno is caused by left over undying flesh particles from the Juo'Nar attacks upon Trinsic in 315. If left untreated the rash will begin to spread throughout your Chest area. Trinsic Locals believe the rash to be the sign of Juo'Nars attempt to return through the infected hosts body but this is not the case, it is just a simple rash that lasts for a few weeks unless treated.

Curing of the NarJuo Rash is a rather smelly process but a quick one. You will need undying flesh and lantern oil, soak the undying flesh in Lantern oil over night. Use the undying flesh which should have soaked up all the oil and rub it on the infected area. The fluids from the flesh mixed with the oil will allow it to remain left on the skin. There are no known side affects for this treatment and it should clear up within three to five days.

Lurker Fish Disease
Deputy Mayor Phoenix, Dragons Watch City
Discovered two years ago when the Lurkerfish was first found in the dark waters of the dungeons. Just touching the skin of this fish can give a citizen the disease. The signs and symptoms of Lurkerfish disease is easily noticed though the cure is unknown.

Alchemist and healers are trying to make a breakthrough. Here is what to look for if you think you or a loved one might have gotten this disease from fishing, the handling of, or eating the Lurkerfish.

1. A fish mouth appearance.
2. Inability to frown, smile or suck.

An alchemist can grind together a mixture of 10 delicate scales found from the palliative waters surrounding Moonglow, and 2 jars of elderberry honey found only in the city of Vesper. One spoonful of this soothing mixture is to be taken every morning and evening.It has been shown to loosen the facial muscles so that the patient can smile and is able to eat. This mixture must be taken for the rest of ones life as research is still be done on the cure.

Ratman Rabies
Guildmaster of ViPs Demon Slayer, Moria Village

It has recently been discovered that certain ratmen carry a highly lethal form of rabies with each bite. Some of these ratmen were scratched or bit by rotting corpses so should an infected ratman bite you, you will quickly be overwhelmed with this advanced form of rabies. Untreated, the disease will literally turn you into the walking dead. Your skin will become very dry and turning a dark color, you will develop spots all over your body. You will soon feel intense pain shoot throughout your body as you barely know if you are still alive or not. Finally, your pupils disappear and your eyes become completely white. You become extremely aggressive toward everyone and now feel that you must kill and eat anything around you. Your body feels like it is on fire unless you are eating raw flesh. It really is a rather disgusting disease.

Luckily, there is a cure to this nasty disease. The best way is to avoid ratmen completely. However, should you come into contact and start feeling your skin become very dry, you will only have 4 or maybe 5 hours to act. Find a silver sapling tree and pluck a single seed from it, grind up the seed finely along with some ginger, mix these two ingredients together with some water and then grind half a nightshade into the mix, quickly drink this foul tasting concoction. Next, chug down three cure potions followed by two heal potions while chanting "vas an nox" Make sure to follow the remedy word for word or you will lose all sense of humanity.

Lightfingers Twitch
Dr Goodspeed, Kijustsu Anei Village

A common complaint among Archers in the Royal Guards from an allergic reaction to the dandruff found in the feathers of Harpies used to make arrows and bolts. Lightfingers twitch commonly occurs in the right Index finger and or thumb but does not present any physical signs of infection. Lightfingers Twitch is more of an annoyance than anything but moderate to mild infections will cause involuntary joint movement within the fingers thus greatly impairing an archers accuracy which can be deadly to those within their unit during combat.

Lightfingers Twitch is treatable by wrapping infected fingers in bandages that have been soaked for twenty-four hours in Fountain of Life water or Purification Machine Water.

Hurt in battle!
Niva the Savage, Kijustsu Anei Village

Old as Time!
Fighting/Killing Orcs!
Pain/Bleeding/Not awake!
No Fight/Play Fight/Kill Orcs!
Use cut cloth!
Put on open skin!
Tie cloth!
Presses down stop blood!
Take Shaman!
Shama use potions!
Use plants!

Niva Done

Juka Speech Disorder
Deputy Mayor Phoenix, Dragons Watch City

A Speech Disorder that causes sudden changes in speech pattern, speech intonation and pronounciation so that the victim appears to be speaking Juka. JSD (Juka Speech Disorder) results from severe blows to the head from golems, juka warriors and juka lords who reside in and around the town of Mistas in Ishenar. This disorder was first discovered when travel to this land was first made available through moongates approximately 10 years ago.

The symptom exhibited are the following:
Victim sounds like a Juka and is unable to communicate with friends and families.

A powerful potion aptly named "Tongue Twisted Weed" made from the three (3) Slith tongue one (1) Eye of the Travesty, added to Four (4) ounces of Muculent. This mixture is drank 3 times daily for a period of 7 days.

At which time the victim is not to speak or attempt to use his/her voice. Food is limited to gruel obtained from the Hag or Inu the crone of Moonglow. Prevention is to always wear a helmet when traveling through Mistas.