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[News]Hall of Commons Report 9/5/10



Event Moderator Announcements

Bagball Match Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Two versus Two bagball match At the fair the other night. Please email the team member names to Elder EM Dudley so he can add the trophies to the Hall of Victory. First Place:Team Wraith, Second Place: Team Polymorph, Third Place: Team Livia

EM Events Listing For September
Link for EM Events

Livery Quest

After the Summit on September 22nd a livery quest to follow. Both quests in September will involve doing favors. Keep an eye on the EM Forums for Fiction to get clues. They will NOT be resource based.

Active Townships listen up!!!
Some of you may remember from the Rescue Tavalia Zodok event That that event series started in Guardians Gate With the destruction of the Orc fort there That was sort of just an easy jumping ground Because it was removed for their banner to look nicer

Along those lines we are going to start doing event launches and scenarios along those lines So we can involve our active, repeat active Townships in the story And give everyone a chance to play a part With that I want to stress a few things Firstly, they will be open to anyone who wants to participate There is no favoritism, this isn't a venue for custom events If you want to be involved, you simply need to reach out and Email us Or drop a note in the mailbox

This is also an opportunity for some roleplaying. I want to really gear up the interactions that townships, citizens, and the like have with the Crown And the various RPCs of the realm. I can't stress this enough but please remember to act in character And that you should remember that in character actions are exactly that, in character. Remember the person behind the character still loves you but their character might not. There is an awful habit of in character interactions getting blurred with out of character feelings. I want to stress this directly. If this becomes something where people are going to get bent out of shape out of character wise, then guess what, we aren't going to do it. I really want to offer an arena for real interaction to happen. We want the decisions you make to have a real impact on the story and for you guys to be able to choose your own destiny. But again, for that all to work we have to respect one another and understand that this is an OPEN invitation to everyone. Nobody is getting any special treatment or favoritism. Remember we can only show you the door, You have to go in it. And remember, we like to kill you all equally.

EM Event Changes
All events, dates, and times are subject to change. Check with Gregory outside the Hall of Commons. Also keep your eye on the EM Forums.
(Daily if you can)

October Preview
-Kendrick Morrow will return to the stage, with his magic show.
-Halloween Activities coming up. They have fun "Stuff" *Grins*

New Team Recognition
Just want to take a moment to thank our News team. Soon I will be putting a plaque up here at the hall recognizing their hard work And dedication to making sure everyone is well informed.

Questions/Comments from the Community

Village have party! September 15th, 2010, 8 PM EST at Banner. Village turns, *holds up one finger* old. ~Niva The Savage

Congratulations, just so you are aware Best Served Cold will start at 8pm ET on that date. ~Elder EM Dudley

Can you please explain how you will judge what qualifies as an active township? ~Merik [UOSS]

Attendance at Summit meetings, active interaction with the EM team via in or out of game method Offerings for realm wide events And an active citizenry All of those factors People actually living there whether they be guilded or not As part of this months activity We are going to census every township And eventually that is going to move into figuring out who lives where I actually worked for the US Census, so I'm well trained ~Elder EM Dudley

Any chance we could have a sticky on the EM forums for Basic RP?For those coming in that don't know Tavalia Zodok is just a stuck up... *cough* ~Merik [UOSS]

Oh sure I can put that up. Interacting with RPCs 101. That's a great idea. For those that don't know the robe is our official in game persona and is an out of character representation. Meaning that Dudley is Dudley. Dross is Dross. RPCs are role played characters that have some part in the story, we have a bunch. You can read about em in the Shard Directory thread. RPCs will never break character. If you make refrences to things they wouldn't understand, you get funny looks and such.~Elder EM Dudley

I may be a bit late in this but would like to congratulate you on your new EM title ~Phoenix [DWxC]

Ahh thankee. It means we've been here since the beginning and I haven't been scared off yet. *grins* ~Elder EM Dudley

Is ebil lady jessica still loose? and Scarlet rose bees gone from banner. ~Ozog [MUCK]

That was a story EM Vladimere was working on. Someone probably ate it. It was a head of lettuce. That's her calling card though. If you see it, it means you've caught her attention. ~Elder EM Dudley

I know Messana is busy but any ETA on banner? We would like to start hosting events and waiting on that. Could u email me when she might be doing it? ~Gunga Din [MERX]

She's got the design. Probably next week. Today is her birthday actually. Honestly I have no idea Gunga. She does them when she does them. ~Elder EM Dudley

Royal Guard Unit? Active? Inactive? Pending? Kill them all? ~Merik [UOSS]

The Royal Guard unit? Most certainly active We've had a bunch of trainings And what not The Royal Smith's are hard at work replacing them Show up on Wednesday Remember that the volunteer unit is outranked by any regular unit. ~Elder EM Dudley

Will the Crucible Suicide Mission use the same rules as before? Ashlynn [PxR]

Yes, You all did quite well. We are very proud. ~ Elder EM Dudley

I won the duck hunt competition a while back and haven't received any plaque in the rewards hall yet. Was wondering if i was better off keeping the deed :p ~Masta Blasta [SHE]

Should be up sometimes this week ~Elder EM Dudley

I was rather disappointed, watching chesapeake players attempt to use the township teleport hub to the steal the 500,000 stone bagballs. Just really disappointing. I heard Scarlets Crew was hard at work helping return them *Smiles* ~Merik [UOSS]

Aye, no idea what anyone would do with that. They were all recovered *chuckles* ~Elder EM Dudley