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[News]Hall of Commons Report 11/25/12

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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Hall of Commons Report, HOC Building in Trammel
Sunday, November 25th 2012

EM Events For the Week
  • Friday, November 30th at 8:30 PM EST: Fish Count at the Sons of the Sea in Trinsic!
  • Tuesday, December 4th at 7 PM EST for Requiem: An Eye for An Eye (Heavy Combat/Roleplaying event)

EM Announcements
  • I will ask Mesanna if she can join us next week to dye Halloween Masks, so go ahead and bring your masks next week just in case (12/2/12 @9:00pm Hall of Commons)
  • Watch the EM boards for an announcement in December about December events
  • Next month, we should have another EM and while we've enjoyed Deputy Ozog's assistance I fear we'll have another stool in his place soon. The new EM will be launched to us via Mesanna's Cannon

  • If you are ever speaking to any EM character that does not say "EM______" then you are speaking to the IC (In Character) and they are speaking to you IC. No matter what terms you use, they are a roleplay character and will respond as such. So if you insult an RPC (Roleplay character) and insist they are not worthy of things they will argue back, vehemently. That being said, that is again, only RPC's words, it does not pass on to OOC (Out of Character)
Royal Guard and Ranks Explanation
  • The Royal Guard is set up in a standardized way that awards players based on Merits that are clearly defined. This is the structure that is allowed to be had and used by the EM program. There is no other system that is allowed for the EM program to use And there has been a bit of complaining due to some confusion caused by previous EM Vladimere who awarded some players improperly with ranks. In addition, the Royal Britannian Guard is EM run. Votes do not matter. What gas happened before does no matter. The only way to gain rank in the current RBG is to do so via the current system. This is not in any way showing persecution or dislike of anyone's characters or backgrounds. However we are bound by the rules of our system an the rules that prove there is no favoritism. I know that the RBG events were scarce in the past few months but we will be working to have minimum one RBG event per month from now on. Many of you will progress in rank, and as you do the EM RPC's who hold higher ranks will trust your characters with more responsibility during RBG events. This was seen during the last one as Gwen utilized the Corporals as team leaders. However... these ranks are not to be abused, and you can be demoted and given demerits. The Royal Britannian Guard is a military unit. It is run as a military unit. Those who hold higher ranks will be expected to do so properly.