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[News]Hall of Commons Meeting Report 5-20-12

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
EM Hall of Commons Meeting Report – May 20, 2012 by Merik/Gareth – Hall of Commons,
Britain City in Britain *Imperium News Service*

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, the 23rd at 8:30pm ETCovetous Crawl - Covetous Dungeon
Shard wide Covetous Crawl! On Test Center they were able to bring Level Two of Cora's Forces to Over wave 60! I bet we can do better! So get your best armors, weapons, wrangle your beasts And let us destroy Cora's Minions! The Covetous crawl is the new content that's in Covetous Dungeon, it plays like a classic arcade game. You fight ever increasingly difficult waves of creatures And get points that you can turn in for artifacts, and other rewards.

Friday, May 25th @ 8:30pm – Fishing Tournament Kickoff -Sons of the Sea
One of the rewards from doing the Covetous Crawl is a magical fish finder. The idea is to put those items to the test, want to see just how "magical" they are. The rules are simple; Use the fish finder, if you can, to try and catch as many rare fish as possible.

Three Special Announcements
Welcome back to Lady Phoenix
- (Cheers and roaring applause)
A very warm welcome back to Lady Phoenix

Sons of the Sea- (That 70's Scuba Santa Decor has got to go!)
A thanks to the newest Aquarist's of the Sons of the Sea guild. If you haven't been there, visit the Sons of the Sea to see their work

Ozog Giantfart-
(Goblin Art Faire)
just wanna tank all woos made the faire last nite and say swoory to dudley fer alla the holes ina himz robe where peoples missed target.