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[News] FoF: Time's Passing (Daily Rares/Faction Sigil/Rubble/Pet Commands)



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<FONT size=5>FoF: Time's Passing</FONT>
</DIV> <DIV class=storyInfo> <DIV class=author> The long-awaited event in Moonglow is about to begin - what are you doing here, anyway? Go! Go to Moonglow!
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March 28, 2008

"Why has the spawn of daily rares been stopped? The whip in the small Skara Brae hut is no longer spawning, neither are the smith rares in the barrels in the Smith Shop on Buccaneer's Den. Will they come back soon, if ever?"

I passed this one on to the dev team - I don't have a solid answer, but Draconi has a theory, and it's being investigated.


"What is the CURRENT time to reset a faction sigil?"

Draconi got the numbers on this one:
</DIV></DIV> <UL> <LI>Sigil reset timer: 30 minutes. Stolen sigil must reach the faction base by this time. <LI>Corruption timer: 10 hours. <LI>Grace period timer: 15 minutes. Interference (moving the sigil) during corruption doesn’t cause it to reset the corruption timer until 15 minutes without returning to its place in the base. </LI>[/list]--

"What’s the deal with the "rubble" palm trees and their coconuts? Apparently they dropped coconuts for a little while then stopped."

Draconi says,

"Corrupted by the foul magics of the daemon horde, these trees gladly gave up their last few coconuts, but have no further strength to bear fruit. "


"Why is my pet not listening to me?"

QA is getting a number of bug reports to this effect, and wanted to remind everyone of a key fact - your pet cannot hear commands if you whisper them. You have to say them normally in order for the pet to respond properly.


What's To Come:

Check out the <a target="_blank" href=http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=340>event schedule</A> to find out when the blackrock detection machine unveiling takes place on your shard. There are two scheduled portions to the event, and there will be stuff to do for a few more weeks. We're also hard at work on the next patch, which will have more bug fixes, system tweaks - factions and housing, is the plan - and finally a way to turn in your Ophidian items!


Fansite News

Here's an in-game event for you Atlanteans...

<BLOCKQUOTE>"The Grand Opening of the Grand Britannian Repertory!

From the great walls of Castle British, to the worn sandstone of the Lycaeum, the knowledge and writings of Sosaria have been a focal point in the evolution of our society. Each stroke of quill on parchment, each word etched into paper is a marker of our past accomplishments, deeds and imaginations. With such importance stemming from these words, scrolls, and books, the creation of another library is a monumental occasion.

It is with these words, do we announce the opening of the Grand Britannian Repertory. The Grand Britannian Repertory is filled to its capacity with over 1,500 unique, primarily player written books, making it one of the largest, if not the largest library in the history of Ultima Online.

To celebrate its opening, there will be a formal celebration on the eve of Sunday March 30th, from 8:00-9:00PM EST (4:00-5:00PM GMT) on the Atlantic shard.

The library can be found by going through the Makoto-Jima gate and entering the city of Zento. The library will be located just outside the north eastern exit, at co ordinates: 38o 14'N, 42o 23'W

Gates will also be provided at Skara Brae bank before the event."

</BLOCKQUOTE>And don't forget the Chicken Fight Club on Great Lakes!

<BLOCKQUOTE>"Come One...Come All! Every Saturday night at 8est. Chickens, Cu’s, Squirrels, Mares and many more come to face off. We have no entrance fee and give 100k to 1st place. Anyone can enter and see if their pet IS the best!

Gates start at 7:50 at Brit bank. Dont forget about the battle royale at the end of the night... one for Cu Sidhes and one for all others." </BLOCKQUOTE>Remember, if you want your event or news item included in the FoF, send it to jdalberg AT ea DOT com. I'm expanding this to in-game events as well - if you run inclusive in-game events and want some love, send me the announcement!


See you in Moonglow!