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[News] Etheral Void Examiner 9/15/2010



Ethereal Void Imperium

Message from the Editor,
Allow me to introduce myself to you fair and noble reader, my name is Volo Seddarm, and I am the editor-in-chief of the Ethereal Void Imperium News Service (EVINS). With the rapid and impressive expansion from one town to six, it has become clear that a news service that covers the real stories and issues needed to be formed. This is that news service. This our maiden issue of the Ethereal Void Imperium Examiner comes out for full general circulation on this most auspicious day the Independence Day for Kijustsu Anei Village. So on this our Independence Day let us celebrate not only the village but the rise of a news service for Cimmerian Pass, Kijustsu Anei Village, Kijustsu Anei Keys, Merxmere, Moria, and Zedland. A news service dedicated to honesty, integrity, and the trust! Welcome to the maiden copy of the Ethereal Void Imperium Examiner!
Volo Seddarm -V-

Volo Seddarm​
One of the leading stories of the summer has been how Detective Sheffield's body was found in the gutter of Britain's Tinker shop in West Britain. Instead of following the unlikely “tinker's apprentice” the next innocent group to fall under the accusations of the Royal Guard were the benign and innocent savages, despite the fact that the citizenry found opposite conclusions. At least this was quickly dispelled and the Tonkaweya Tribe under Niva were cleared quickly and unequivocally. The brave Niva said this in response to the terrible ordeal, “Human Sheffield not Orcs! Niva's tribe no reason to kill! Smart human/elf! Er not orc.” With these fine words the noble savage leader took her leave causing this reporter to tear up that such a proud and noble savage could be so mistreated by the ignoble callus and banal guards that the crown currently employs.

Furthermore this reporter has heard from credible sources that the actual murder was none other then Sheffield himself. Sheffield was a notorious drunk as well as a dull witted martinet, much like the rest of the guard. The real story of Sheffield's night is far less exciting and far more depressing in regards to the state of affairs of the crown. First Sheffield was a notorious lush who would oft spend his evenings getting besotted and then attack small children and animals while making threatening noises to all those who were unfortunate enough to come into his presence. This night started out no different, drinking in the Cat's Paw till he was out of coin. Then instead of going to his home he decided to attempt to extort the poor young apprentice tinkering over his previous addiction to blackrock. Normally his drunken shakedowns yielded a few quick coins to drink until passing out yet again in a pile of his own regurgitate. Tonight was different, tonight when the harrier drew his sword the young student of mechanics had no coin to give and when Sheffield lunged in a drunken rage the lucky youth threw himself out of the way. Sheffield fell upon his own blade a fitting end to a grisly arrogant and repulsive street thug. The youth knowing that there is no justice in the crowns courts fled the city as quickly as his small frame would allow. May the Virtues guide that lad somewhere he can at last be safe. The entire “rest” of the investigation is simply an attempt by the Royal Guards to allow their aggressive tactics to remain unchecked by the citizenry.

Come and drink some of the most powerful brew in all of Sosaria, SAVAGE ALE!
Served at the exclusive Zento Station. Don't forget to stop by for the next Bards night where you can test your prowess.

Volo Seddarm​
The Ethereal Void Imperium's own Gareth was arrested by the vile Commander Foxx recently. Gareth was attempting to help protect Ethereal Void citizens that had been attacked at military style guard posts at the entrances to Britain. The claim was that these posts were constructed to help defend the city, but they were completely ineffective at repulsing some sort of demon spawn attempting to invade, and instead were far more interested in attacking innocent citizens of the lands. Notably numerous attacks have occurred against those brave and honorable citizens of the Ethereal Void Imperium and Intendant Manshoon warned the citizenry and called out all those able to help defend those citizens whose business forced them to venture into the city. While Intendant Manshoon and Commander Zalan watched Gareth was assaulted and arrested by waves and waves of attacking guards. The Intendant and Commander did all they could but some form of vile paralyzation magic kept them from Gareth while he was hauled away. In form with the selflessness and bravery of the peace loving citizens of the Ethereal Void Imperium implemented a rescue plan designed to minimize the loss of innocent life conceived by Tiger Lilly and Lady CaT, with the complete support of the Intendant and Commander while the Portreeve sent the fleet show the crown the seriousness of the commitment to the citizens of the Ethereal Void Imperium. Luckily with the rescue of Gareth the crown has been thwarted in their unceasing attacks against the Ethereal Void, it is still important for all citizens to keep their eyes open for new assaults on our cities and our freedoms.

Interested in having a drink, some savage berry wine? Come to the IRON BANDIT INN in Kijustsu Anei Village for the night and time of your life. The Chesapeake home every other Tuesday for the famous all shards tavern night!


Odd local weather patterns have caused Magistrate Mirt to remind all citizens that their steps should be free of snow and ice for the safety of the citizenry.


The village of Merxmere is now open for business. Try wonderful fishing in the lake, visit the comprehensive museum of curious. Shop for curious at one of the many vendors all around the town. Have a drink at the Merxmere Tavern and Smithy. **BREAKING NEWS** COME SEE THE BRAND NEW BANNER TOUTED BY GARETH AS “INTERESTING AND UNIQUE”! THE EDITORITAL STAFF LOVE THIS DESIGN AND LOOKS FORWARD TO VACATION FISHING OFF ITS PIER!!


Town authorities are looking for the owners of the following homes, anyone with any information should contact the editors OR Tiberius OR Greyylene OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!
PKK Guild House Owner Playa
Pucks Pad Owner Puck
Defenders Of Altainia Outpost Owner Seth Atin


Zedland is about to celebrate the SHE auction birthday party on September 18 (Saturday) with the fun beginning at one PM EST. It is without a doubt that this reporter knows where to go for one of the leading party towns big bash so come Saturday or cry all weekend!