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[News][EM] Three ways to thaw your Balandar



Three ways to thaw your Balandar
Nu'jelm City, Trammel
April 24, 2010

By: Merik

1. Rabbits - Have the cute white rabbit lick
the ice and it should melt.

2. Fire - by lighting a fire underneath Balandar
the ice should melt

3. Kill all the monsters and watch the ice
explode before your very eyes!

Derrick Mornwok made his way to the center area where the teams from the Captain Bloodrum's Challenge was being held. After looking around he noticed their was a good collection of treasure hunters in the area. The teams from Dragons Watch and Moria were eager to hear what he the man had to say.

"Well it seems we have quite the collection of treasure hunters here. Men and women quite adept at finding...objects of fortune. Perhaps some of you would be able to assist me?

Just so happens I found these maps... tis hard to say where they lead. Or what danger may lie where they take thee But I am sure it must lead to great fortune!"

Those gathered were eager to assist in such a hunt for great fortune. Derrick put maps upon the table. Those who were at the Jhelom whirl pool event knew exactly the location this map was showing. Without hesitation many quickly recalled to Jhelom to find this great fortune.

Treasure Hunters, Mages, Warriors and Royal Guards found themselves quickly engaged in battle with multiple ice creatures and Guardians.

The creatures were defeated quickly. Deep within the wooded area the Treasure hunters came upon a frozen chest. Without hesitation they opened the chest they thought would be full of treasure but only found a corpse of the white rabbit. Mages gathered but try and revive the rabbit but even the resurrection spell was unable to bring this noble creature to life. One person for some odd reason poked the creature with a stick. They vanished without a trace right infront of everyone as the stick touched the rabbit. It appeared you either touch the rabbit and meet your maker or you touch the rabbit and you are taken somewhere else...

So after weighing the two outcomes for half a second everyone touched the rabbit and were taken away to the area of the Crysosphere. Looking in the Mystic Library located in Kijustsu Anei Village I came upon this section.

Derived from the Greek word cryo for "cold" or "to cold", is the term which collectively describes the portions of the Earth’s surface where water is in solid form, including sea ice, lake ice, river ice, snow cover, glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets, and frozen ground (which includes permafrost). Thus there is a wide overlap with the Hydrosphere. The cryosphere is an integral part of the global climate system with important linkages and feedbacks generated through its influence on surface energy and moisture fluxes, clouds, precipitation, hydrology, atmospheric and oceanic circulation. Through these feedback processes, the cryosphere plays a significant role in global climate and in climate model response to global change.

Undead forces were engaged in the area. After a short battle the treasure hunters found themselves at the Crysosphere. Curiosity may have killed the rabbit but it was just so tempting to touch that Crysosphere. I am sure you know what they decided to do....

They found themselves standing upon the decks of the Queens Navy Vessel, that had been trapped at the whirlpool weeks earlier. The ship was covered in ice and a Frozen Death vortex swirled before them. Appears the brave group had no problem touching things. Why wouldn't they just jump into a frozen Death Vortex?!?

So in they went! The forces at the entrance were no match for the
group. Very proudly they stood over the corpses of the slain creatures.
"Fighting this Image and its army is like killing rats in the sewers."

However two very powerful creatures were yet to be discovered. Never before seen Tundric Blight creatures appeared and devastated the front lines. The creatures did not stop there though, they went to the healers area and destroyed the healer support area.

Waves and waves of troops and great beasts were sent in and time and time again they were defeated by these Tundric Blight creatures. The battle seemed hopeless and morality was way down but they did not give up! Reinforcements arrived and with each strike they regained the ground they had lost.

After a hard fought battle they were victorious over the creatures. The block of ice broke apart and out stepped a cold and sick Balandar. Balandar was lucky this time. They came prepared with more experienced citizens who warmed the mage and made sure he received the proper healers touch in the city of Britain.

Once Balandar came around he was in no mood to sit around. He made his way home and retraced the Images locations through the Vanity. Balandar kept a sharp eye on his surroundings and explained "Its an illusion" After the rest of the inspection was complete everyone returned to Balandar's Estate on the island of Moonglow.

Balandar never ceases to amaze this reporter with his little hiding tricks. He lifted a candle off the desk and unscrewed the bottom. Balandar pulled out a piece of parchment which he later explained was a piece of Tokinson's Map!

Balandar spoke of the time his home had been ransacked and this map is what they were after. He went on to explain that this piece and the one recovered by Commander Drake Foxx brings us closer to finding the artifact.
"Something so powerful it is able to control the seas."

Reporters Post Investigation

I may take a stab in the dark here and say we might be looking for the Hydrosphere... since we have yet to see that. Which would be on the water and at a previous HoC meeting EM Dudley did say he was working on a boat/water project. Another could be the Pedosphere. Tis many different types of Spheres

Undead were guarding the Crysosphere along with frozen creatures. One could link that to the numerous invasions of townships. Almost each town has seen frozen creature attacks. One township has seen numerous undead invasions as well.

Perhaps the image is looking for this artifact in one of the townships???