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[News][EM] The Liquor Sodden Dreams of Drake Foxx



The Liquor Sodden Dreams of Drake Foxx[FONT=&quot]
[/FONT]Balandar's Estate, Moonglow[FONT=&quot]
April 11, 2010[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]News Report By: Merik[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Drake Foxx Story By: EM Dudley[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]The bottle of ale lay flat against the table. Drake Foxx's mind swirled...

He entered the empty estate. There was a quietness about the room. He’d did just as he’d been instructed. In the bedroom. A mirror. He looked at his own reflection and was overcome with a feeling of self awareness. In the mirror he saw happiness. He saw horror. His own lust for greed became apparent to him. In an instant he found himself in a land unknown to him. His darkest dreams became true. He was surrounded by his every wish. He explored further to find only more indulgence. Yet, there was an air of death about the place, the underlying tones of rotting flesh polluted the atmosphere. Still, he ventured further only to find the himself in the stillness of cold. The cavern he’d entered was calm and quiet. The only light in the room came from a glowing sphere. He approached with apprehension but could not overcome the desire to touch it. He lay his hands upon it’s smoothness, its perfection. His hands felt absent..almost claimed.

Commander Drake Foxx passed out on Lord Balandar’s table as Lord Gareth and Dread Lady CaT came through the door of the house. It appears the Commander had a little too much to drink but could you blame him? One of the lands most wise and powerful mages had been lost to the Unknown Image earlier that day. Such a loss would provoke such a reaction from anyone.

Ole Solskjaer [Deputy Detective] and Rose entered the house to check on things. They inquired as to what was going on. Seeing the commander face down on the table with CaT and Gareth standing behind him was not the best looking scene. They quickly explained the Commander appeared to be drunk and passed out. Ole suggested they use a hangover remedy but it was of no use. The commander seemed to shiver, the same way Balandar had shivered earlier that day. Rose left to fetch a blue robe to warm the commander before things got worse. She returned quickly and placed the robe on Drake Foxx. His body seemed to warm as he let out a breath. A few other wacky ideas were tried with one ending with Drake Foxx’s skin being burned….

AOI known as The Right Blue Oracle on the Homare-Jima Island was summoned to the house. It was reported she was summoned to peer into his mind and figure out why he would not wake up…. Some may wonder if this was the only reason or if someone wanted certain information only Drake Foxx knew.

AOI placed her hands on each side of the Commanders head near his temples. Her eyes rolled backwards and turned pure black. It was not often the Oracles eyes would turn such a color.

*his attention turns to the site where Balandar’s life force was drained. At this time you cannot discern why or what these thoughts mean.*

Once the connection was broken Drake Foxx slumped back onto the table near the plate. Dread Lady CaT attempted the Awakening Spell “Vas An Vas Mani” Elijah Cross entered the home while Dread Lady CaT casted the spell. Unfortunately the spell seemed to have little effect on the Commander. They explained what was going and attempted to come up with another plan. Baphomet appeared from nowhere and thought it wise to stab the Commanders hand before anyone could stop him. The Royal Guards sash began to glow a light iridescence and the steel blade bent before striking the commanders hand. Dread Lady CaT suggested his liquor could have been poisoned. Lord Gareth without hesitation performed the Arch Cure spell. Balandars condition seemed to improve slightly. The commander mumbled and Elijah suggested water for the commander. Baphomet ran quickly and returned with water. The commander began to drink the water and wake up. Royal Guard Captain Celestial Knight came to check on things after hearing citizens talk in Luna.

Lord Gareth quietly attempted to slip out the door but it was jammed. So he quietly made his way to a shadow covered corner hoping the commander did not see him. Earlier that day the Commander was not too pleased with him. He lifted his head and looked around the room catching a glimpse of Gareth from the corner of his eye. "You....."

"Don't Speak!"

Dread Lady CaT made her way over to break things up.

"You let him die!"
*Pulls Gareth close*
"Find him...."

The Commander tore the blue robe off and threw it on the ground. Some say the Commander appeared to be limping as he left the house.