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[News] EM RP & Player Township Runebooks



EM RP & Player Township Runebooks
[email protected] Tower, Kijustsu Anei Village
March 26, 2010

The S[FONT=verdana, comic sans ms][SIZE=-1]ociety of Ancestral Guardian Elders [[email protected]] has opened a small shop on their Mystic Tower located in Kijustsu Anei Village. The vendors sell runebooks that go to EM Building locations used in Roleplay and other events. They have also made runebooks to each Player Run Township on the shard.[/SIZE][/FONT]

They are for sale for 5,000 gold each but, you may request a free one from the Sages when you see them. They are not doing this to make a profit they are trying help the community be able to get to event locations easier. Over time as new locations are created on our shard they will have updated individual runes for you to get and update your runebooks. Luna Rossa the Intendant of Kijustsu Anei and leader of [email protected] can be contacted by Icq at 221985740. We hope these books help the community get to where they need to be *smiles*

Location of the Tower
Homare-Jima, Tokuno Islands. Follow the Moongate North-East on the road

**Zedland has been added to the Township runebooks
** Stocking may be slow right now due to backpacks closing