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[News]EM Hall of Commons Meeting Report

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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EM Hall of Commons Meeting Report – April 29, 2012 by Merik/Gareth – Hall of Commons, Britain City in Britain *Imperium News Service*

Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events for April

General Announcements

EM Drosselmeyer Turns Three- (Here’s to another 3 years of his Insanity *drinks*)
Dross you are close to 3 years with the program and for all the time you have given Chessy and all you have done for UO I now don you with a black robe.

We’ll Cross That Bridge… (Event Postponed)
The event that was going to be held tomorrow night “We’ll cross that bridge” will be held at a later date in May. Unfortunately there were some unforeseen technical difficulties And Dross ate the cookies that were supposed to be for the builders, so we are having to move the event. Fear not though! For we shall Cross That Bridge…. when it comes!

EM Events List- (May Calendar)
Our full event Calendar for the Month of May will be posted this week Also to better help people catch up with the ongoing story arc we will do as we did with the Poseidon’s Fury event And give a “story so far” post on the EM Forums. Hopefully this will allow people to better keep track of what’s going on. We, as in all the EMs, are heavily vested in the arc itself And are really excited to see the next chapters come to life. Now is the time when things should really start getting interesting. So if you’ve been following along the whole time, you’re in for a treat.

Cleanup and Catalog- (XY&Z= 3.14)
During May we have a month long event Cleanup and Catalog. We’ve done lots of events here on Chesapeake, and I know that many of you enjoy parts that are left over as things you can revisit and review. However, there’s also lots of useless things, for instance, all the deeds with chat channel information on them. So for spring cleaning, we’re giving you all the opportunity to help And the top three catalogers with the most event detritus found will be rewarded. If you find any of these (and not in Ilshenar) please mark runes for us. If you use the enhanced client, UOAssist, or one of the approved mapping software you can forego runes and just append XYZ coordinates to your list along with what facet.

Outside of that, we’ll also be trying something new. I’d like to clarify that we’re not going on a sweep and destroy mission here, that’s why the catalog portion is in the title. If players wish to write a short bit about what took place we can definitely look into having them at the sites. And as I mentioned in the brief explanation the main thing we are looking to do is reduce clutter and excess that may lead people…off their proper paths.