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[News]Crew of the UFO Lady Abby Normal Saves The Keys

Lord Gareth

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Crew of the UFO Lady Abby Normal Saves The Keys! The Township of Kijustsu Anei Keys In Trammel Paws, August 17th 2011 By: Merik/Gareth

The Mobey Lobstah was relentless in its attack upon the SKS Tower in Kijustsu Anei Keys. It came without warning in the middle of the night as walls of fog began to surround the area. Its attack upon the township was most likely due to the massive amounts of Lobsters and Crabs the company had on ice for their Fish Monger orders that were to be filled the next day. With the fleet Captains competing in the Sons of the Sea Crabbin Tournament the Keys only had a few guards left behind, equipped with only crossbows to defend the area from any assaults by land but the Keys was basically defenseless against any assaults on the area by sea. It would have been a futile attempt for them to try and defend the area should that happen and its exactly what did happened!

The Mobey Lobstah was spotted coming towards the Keys from the South-East as it broke through the fog wall that had set in around the town. Within literally seconds the enormous Mobey Lobstah was on the shoreline behind the SKS Tower. It was relentless in its attack that took half of the tower guards out within a few strikes. The construction workers at the townships pier didn’t even have a chance to scream before they too were sent on to the ghostly plane.

With every move it made massive five foot waves that would come crashing inland, devastating the shipping Company’s machinery they had unloaded before setting sail to the Crabbin Tournament. Meanwhile back inside on the third floor of the SKS Tower, Communications Officer Pastone was desperately trying to reach any EVI Fleet vessels over the VECS system but it would appear the system could not reach all the way to the waters North-West of Papua City.

Those who managed to survive the initial strikes of the Mobey thought for sure these would be their final moments until they were shown a new destiny as the EVI Naval Ship UFO Lady Abby Normal ripped through the fog line like a Friar through the line to get ale! Their ship was hard to miss as the bright light from their VECS receiver crystal lite up the area in a bright shimmering emerald color.

Captain Abby Normal was the first voice they would hear calling out those loving, peacekeeping words which all Naval crewmembers longed to hear, “Ready! Aim! GET THE SKILL SHOT AND YOU DRINK FOR FREE!” All starboard cannons fired simultaneously, striking the Mobey Lobstah on its unarmored backside.

The Mobey quickly slashed his way through the waters and was within striking distance of the vessel within seconds. Pilot Absolute tried his best to keep out of range. Captain Abby shouted “Hard to Port”, as the vessel began its turn the Mobey’s ginormous claw smashed against the main mast causing it to come crashing down upon on the main deck and pinning First mate Obolisk’s legs down.

Deck Officer Roger did everything he could to try and free Obolisk but the weight of the wood was just too much for him to lift. All he could do was hope the ship would take a hard turn, rolling the mast off of his legs. Roger turned to get the attention of Pilot Absolute just as the Mobey struck the ship again taking out the main rudder thus crippling the vessels ability to turn.

The Lady Abby Normal was nothing more than a massive unmoving target waiting for the final blow that would send her to her final resting place on the floor of the sea. Mobey had known he won but he was far from done with the ship and her crew! He tortured them by swinging his deadly claw towards the ship and missing it by inches. The Mobey would soon learn a very important lesson; never play with your food.

While the Mobey entertained himself by torturing the crew, Kirby and Tilley had devised a plan to save the ship and their fellow crewmembers. They quickly ran below deck yelling for Janitor Pooper whom they found cleaning the bunk area. Kirby ordered Janitor Pooper to read the rowboat for launch as Tilley began rolling barrels of powder charges from the Ammo supply room. They would only need a few more minutes to get ready for launch but it would appear they no longer had those few minutes. No longer did they hear the Mobey’s claw crashing down into the sea and that could only mean one thing, the Mobey was done playing. Kirby turned to Tilley and told him to get Captain Abby to distract the Mobey for a few more minutes. Tilley ran towards the hatch quickly as possible to deliver the message.

Janitor Pooper looked over Kirby’s shoulder, her eyes widened as she screamed for about two seconds before fainting. Kirby turned around and saw the eye of the Mobey fixated upon her. The Mobey raised its head while turning its wide open and disgusting mouth to the hole in the side of the ship. Mobey took a deep breathe then blasted seawater filled with Parasitic eels out of its mouth.

The eels lashed out violently at Kirby as he ripped them off her arms and legs throwing them against the support pillars. Finally Janitor Pooper came too and attracted the attention of the eels by casting lightning upon the saliva pool they squirmed around in but unfortunately while doing so she knocked Kirby unconscious. It was now up to Pooper to launch and lite the rowboat full of heavy charge barrels. Her face turned stone cold with eyes piecing like icicles at the rope that held the rowboat secure. She pulled down on the rope after lifting the fuse but the pulleys wheels would not move. She looked around, took a deep breath as if she was about to say something heroic, “Well I tried!” she jumped through the hole in the side of the ship while saying “Good luck I hope it works out for you!”

The Mobey lowered his head to watch Pooper slash into the sea. In a state of confusion he lowered his head to look in the hole as the rowboat exploded charring its face and knocking the Mobey to the shoreline.

Kirby awoke from the deafening sound of the blast and ran up to the main deck. Once the crew on the main deck regained their balance they jumped off the side railing of the Lady Abby Normal, landing on the belly of the Mobey, Janitor Pooper made her way up to them after swimming to shore. The entire crew drew out their swords and like back alley madmen began to jab their swords in and out of the Mobey until it was finally dead. The crew which was exhausted beyond belief plopped down upon its belly to watch as the Lady Abby Normal began to sink into the sea.

Captain Abby saluted her vessel as it went down, Officer Roger blurted out “Obolisk is still onboard! Captain Abby’s eyes widend about to order a rescue she was interrupted by one of the SKS Tower guards whom informed her the Lady Abby Normal was going nowhere. She was resting perfectly upon the Walker sandbar and pointed back towards the vessel telling her to look at the ship was no longer going under. She turned back and smiled as the guard saluted her and thanked the crew. He ordered those who were still alive in the Keys to rescue Roger, secure the vessel and begin repairs.

Once the fleet had returned to the Keys Admiral Orin was informed of the courageous rescue of the Keys by the crew of the Lady Abby Normal. It is rumored that the entire crew of the Lady Abby Normal are to receive the highest honor that can be bestowed upon anyone within Kijustsu Anei.

(UFO Crew members with the Mobey's Hatching)