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[News] Congratulations to the Red Jaguars



Congratulations to the
Red Jaguars of Moria Village
2010 Bloodrum Challenge First Round Champs
By: Merik

Saturday night at 7:30 EM Dudley and EM Faine Morgan held round 1 of the 2010 Captain Bloodrum's Challenge. The returning 2009 champions team Blue Barracudas faced off with the Red Jaguars. Both teams did a wonderful job during the event. The Red Jaguars finished first taking the first win in the 2010 challenge.

Team Name: Blue Barracudas
Township Affiliation: Dragons Watch
Treasure Hunter: Juliana
Team Members: Archlich Savaric, Merilonna, CharGar and Thera

Team Name:Red Jaguars
Township Affiliation: Moria
Treasure Hunter: Moon Goddess
Team Members: Tara Brin, Gareth, Gunga Din and Pain Prodigy

Teams must win 3 challenges to be crowned the Captain Bloodrum's Challenge champions. For rules and regulations you can Click Here. EM Dudley announces the rules at the beginning of the challenge as well. Special thanks to EM Faine Morgan from Origin for assisting in the event. It was a pleasure for all of us to see you on Chesapeake and EM Dudley for continuing the great event.

Townships don't forget! It is always great to see other town teams enter in the challenge. So we hope to see you all out there next challenge!!! I will figure out a way to spam your icq with reminders.