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[News]Chesapeake Fight Night Results

Chesapeake News

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Chesapeake Fight Night Results
Fighting Pit, Moria Village
June 16, 2010
By: Merik

(Last man Standing Caption)

Moria Village once again hosted the Bi-weekly fight night on Wednesday, June 16, 2010. Felucca and Trammel guilds came together to challenge one another to One vs One and Team vs Team duels. Below you will find the match listing and winners. We hope to see everyone back on Wednesday the 30th!

Match 1: J-U-I-C-Y[TB] VS Tom[]FY[]
Winner: Tom[]FY[]
Rematch Winner:Tom[]FY[]

Match 2: Demon Slayer[VIPs] vs Dracula
Winner: Demon Slayer[VIPs]
Rematch Winner: Demon Slayer[VIPs]

Match 3: dabombpiny[A51] vs Demon Slayer[VIPs]
Winner: dabombpiny[A51]
Rematch Winner: dabombpiny[A51]

Match 4: JUICY[]FY[] vs abombpiny[A51]
Winner: dabombpiny[A51]
Rematch Winner: JUICY[]FY[]

Match 5: Benito Vs John Doe[UHOH]
Winner: John Doe[UHOH]

Match 6: dabombpiny[A51] vs Tom[]FY[]
Winner: dabombpiny[A51]

Last Man Standing Winner