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[News]Aryslan Silent Auction House Item List

Lord Gareth

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Aryslan Silent Auction House Item List
Aryslan Silent Auction, Malas

May 17, 2011
By: Merik

You can reach the Silent Auction House through the Silent Rose Library or Community Teleport Hub on Homare-Jima Island, look for Recall runes throughout the week around town as well.

Buyers: On the second, third, and fourth floors are the items up for auction. If you see an item you are interested in, find its bulletin (Typically right above the item). Consult the bidding rules and ENSURE the item description on the board MATCHES the item you wish to bid on, then post your bid and icq number.

Sellers: Please place the item(s) you wish to sell in a bag with a book. In the book, place the following information:
- Description of the items for sale
- The opening bid
- Your name
- Your ICQ number

Place you bagged lot in the mailbox out front. If your item(s) sell, the House will take 10% of the sale price as a fee for its service. If the item does not sell in the allotted time (typical, one week), there will be no charge.

*For addition information or questions, contact Enterprise of Aryslan*

First Floor, Row 1
-Yucca Tree, High Bid: 250k
-Double Exceptional Runebook, High Bid: 250k
-Candelabra Of Souls, High Bid: 100k
-Pumpkin Scarecrow, High Bid: No Bids
-Metal Shield, High Bid: No Bids
-Vampire Bat, High Bid: No Bids
-Dawn The Valiant Statuette, High Bid: No Bids
-Halloween Hue Dress, High Bid: No Bids
-Easter Basket Set, High Bid: No Bids
-Scrappers Compendium, High Bid: No Bids

First Floor, Row 2
-Melisandes Hatchet, High Bid: No Bids
-Tokuno Urn Set, High Bid: 10k
-8 Creepy Vines, High Bid: 100k
-7 Bottles of Smuggler's Booze, High Bid: No Bids
-2 Anicent SoS Chests, High Bid: 25k
-Crystal Ball of Knowledge, High Bid: No Bids
-Set of Weapons, High Bid: No Bids
-Blackthorns Shield, High Bid: No Bids
-360 Red Leaves, High Bid: 550k
-Assorted SOT's, High Bid: 1.1million

First Floor, Row 3
-Scroll of Alacrity, High Bid: No Bids
-19/20 Cooking Talisman, High Bid: No Bids
-21/23 Inscription Talisman, High Bid: No Bids
-Ironwood Composite Bow, High Bid: 250k
-18/22 Cooking Talisman, High Bid: No Bids
-Seven Rubble Trees, High Bid: 250k

Second Floor, Row 1
-Jade Snakhead, High Bid: 5k
-Heritage Token, High Bid: 100k
-A Head, High Bid: No Bids
-0.5 Animal Taming SoT, High Bid: 600k
-120 Healing, High Bid: 5k
-Blue Crystallized Essence, High Bid: No Bids

Second Floor, Row 2
-Shadow Dancer Leggings, High Bid: 600k
-Eight Aniversary Token, High Bid: 10k
-120 Ninjitsu, High Bid: 100k
-Pendant Of The Magi, High Bid: 150k
-Mini House Tower Deed, High Bid: 750k
-Ophidian Statuette, High Bid: 250k

Second Floor, Row 3
-Just 4 U Candy, High Bid: 50k
-Kasa Of The Raja, High Bid: 10k
-Birds Of Britannia Random Summoner, High Bid: 750k
-Staff Of The Magi, High Bid: No Bids
-Ornament Of The Magician, High Bid: 3.5million
-Neon Gift Box, High Bid: 4million