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News and Rumors of Sosaria by Greta Gossip

Welcome and Hello to Greta Gossip's "News and Rumors of Sosaria Column"

Unlike rags like the "Trinsic Beacon" or Yews "How to burn a witch this week" I bring you the news unfiltered and raw, sometimes with amusing commentary.

Blackthorn and the Golden Man

Local news from Britain tell about the appearance of a "Golden Man". Get your minds out of the gutter, the inhuman Brute was clothed in golden armor and somehow convinced Lord Blackthorn to gather adventurers and guards to kill some stuff that crawled out of a golden cave. Yewish Militia, Trinsic Guards and the local Britain Militia met at the Britain counselor hall to lend their aid at the cave located near the dungeon "Wrong".

Reports say that some golden demons and dragons crawled out of the cave and attacked the awaiting adventurers, but were all slain in a matter of minutes. The fight was brutal and lots of our brave heroes were knocked down, but in the end sheer numbers and the promise of decent loot prevailed.

After killing all monsters and ransacking the vicinity of all valuables our brave heroes returned to Britain where rumor has it some pranced around in some golden armor they had looted.

Verdict from Lord Blackthorn on how well the adventurers did is expected to be announced at the next meeting.

Yewish guards back at taxing travelers and intimidating the locals

No rumors just a fact that our most disliked guards are back, guarding and taxing local yewish townfolks and all travelers passing through Yew. Beloved leader of these highwaymen is still Gotrek who with the help of his posse will make travelling through Yew an expensive adventure again. Bring some money or expect to be beaten, imprisoned and maybe beaten a bit again for good measure.

At the last council meeting Yew and Vesper threatened each other again with war again, but Lord Blackthorn suggested a duel to decide which side is right. I am not sure if his Lordship realizes that none of the two factions will accept his verdict anyway, as his power seems to be very limited.

Lady Aryala is Governor of Trinsic again

It seems like Lady Aryala of Trinsic had not enough money to bribe her citizens to vote for her in the last Governor elections. She was said to be locked up in her tower experimenting and doing other weird stuff, reportedly once blowing up part of her tower at one point as one scared guardsman told me.

She did not enter the local elections and lost her title as Governor of Trinsic, though none dared to take up the title in fear for their life.

At the last council meeting she convinced, bribed or threatened Lord Blackthorn to make her Governor of Trinsic again. Which one of her wiles she used to get Governor again is a point of dispute among witnesses.

I wonder what happened with the duke who has been very quiet since Lady Aryala took over the business of governing Trinsic. I hope his ducky is well and is snuggled somewhere pleasantly and warm. I miss you my ducky!

Vesper is building a Lighthouse near the cliffs in hope of easier loot

Vesper is at it again! It seems that pirating the Vesper shipping lines is too much effort for them and those lazy bums want to make profit with less effort. There is talk that they are building a lighthouse near the cliffs to lure in unwary ships and wreck them.

So all captains take notice, beware the lighthouse lights near Vesper's shore, they might lead you to your doom.

This is it for now.

Drop me some news or gossip and I will be happy to report it.

Greta Gossip
Guardsman lost for duty in wrong town

It seems that a very drunk Trinsic guardsman managed to get lost on his way home from having a few drinks too many at the Vesper tavern. Reports claim that he fell asleep in one of the huts near Minoc and later reported for duty in Minoc believing to be home. It took a very baffled Minoc guard captain about half an hour to set the Trinsic guard straight and on his way home.

from what I hear the guardsman is an experienced drinker but Vesper drinks seemed to be too strong for him to keep his wits.

Undeads haunt Vesper

It is not uncommon that undeads roam the Vesperian cemetary, clashing with grave robbers and other adventurers. But now we get reports that Undeads following the "Guardian" have made their way to Vesper, killing people indiscriminately. Guards claim that a family was slaughtered by the undead and more than the normal amount of people have gone missing from Vesper. Is a new Necromancer at work here or is it like a drunkard in a tavern claimed that the undead want to possess bodies to walk among us?

So be careful when travelling to Vesper as not only the living will try to relieve you of money the undead want your life too.

Vesper Market Day

Do you have wares to sell or old stuff to get rid of?
Then try your luck on Vesper Market Day!
Soon coming to Vesper!

Orcs preparing for war at Yew again

Townsfolk in Yew are reporting of more sightings of Orcs in the vicinity of Yew again. While it is not uncommon to see Orcs there, it seems that the warbands are getting bigger and more aggressive.

Is the militia able to keep their townsfolk safe? The guards claim to be vigilant and plan a preemptive strike before the Orcs dare a big attack on the town.

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