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Newly Returned


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Good morning, Europa!

I have been away for a few years and recently decided to return, in that time my house unfortunately fell and I lost everything inside.
I do however have the clothes on my back and a nice little nest egg in my bank box so all is not lost.
So, my question is where the heck are all the good shops? I found a couple around Luna but most vendors were empty and was wondering if any of you lovely folk could point me in the right direction for the best places to shop? I'm mostly looking for crafting stuff, but I also need LOTS of other stuff (deco for my new house, etc.)

Thank you for your time, any help much appreciated.


Stratics Veteran
Welcome back! The RAA Shop is still up and running and you'll be able to find a fair amount of stuff you might ever need there.
If you run out of Brit towards the swamps East of Compassion Desert, you should find us just off the road. There's a map in a separate thread here, or give a shout in Gen Chat and I'm sure we can get you there.