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[Imbuing] New to Imbuing


New enough to imbuing that I'm even having trouble phrasing the question properly but I think that I got it. At 45 imbuing (or the minimum level that you can unravel items to get enchanted essences), can you unravel all items that can be unravelled to produce enchanted essences? Same question for relic fragments.

The reason that I ask is because I have 72.8 imbuing and I have a bag of items that I can't unravel. Is it safe to assume that all items that can be unravelled will produce relic fragments once I reach 95 (or whatever min imbuing is to get relic fragments)?

Thanks :)


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yes, if i understand correctly. or the items cant be unraveled at all


Thanks Storm.

Found confirmation...I think :) I always forget to check the UO Wiki at UO.com, relying mostly on Stratics and UO guide.

We're starting with the assumption that the item can be unraveled. Answer is:

"The resources obtained from unraveling are:

Magical Residue, obtainable by an unskilled artificer
Enchanted Essence, obtainable from 45.1 skill
Relic Fragments, obtainable from 95.1 skill"

UO Guide is missing this part:
"Property weights for unraveling work as follows:

below 199 Total Intensity = Magical Residue
200 to 449 Total Intensity = Enchanted Essence
450+ = Relic Fragment"

For me, with a little "leap of faith", this means that any item over 450 property weight will produce a relic fragment which I should start getting at 95.1. That means that any items that I have in the bags that are unravelable should produce a relic fragment.