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[Imbuing] New to Imbuing and have a training question


So I read the guide and it helped a little but my problem is I'm unraveling loot I get and I'm constantly getting that my skill is not high enough. I'm only at 43.7 and gains are coming really slow since I can't seem to unravel stuff. What are some other items I can go after or do I stick with loot and just keep trying?



Seasoned Veteran
Yeah it can be annoying at lower levels but just keep at it. You can even hang onto the stuff you can’t unravel for now until you can later. You can start with low level magic items and work your way up to greater and major. Eventually to lesser artifacts up to legendary.

You can also try to amass a lot of low level stuff and then use a alacrity scroll to get some accelerated skill gain. Once you get past 100 you might want to consider scrolls of transcendence.

Sam Adams

Stratics Veteran
If you have character space i'd almost consider making a new char with 50 imbuing and soulstone it over. Uoguide.com has a great method for gaining skill as well.


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Another option is to imbue some stuff, reimbue it 20 times, then unravel it. It's more costly in resources, but quicker than having to farm and haul back items that may or may not be unravelable at your level. Then, when you're over 60, start unraveling more.


Slightly Crazed
I am using painted caves.
Tsuki Wolves are good too.
Fast recalling, Easy to kill. Can train melee toon. Both give lots of loot especially jewels and light Elvish/ninja gear.
Grab all that is below 5-10 stone weight, drop at home.100 or more items per run. Lock it down and repeat.
When out of lockdowns - relogin and unrave all, save ingredients for future use.


Thanks for the info. I've been farming Shame because I'm still working on Valcor to get him up to skill. I lost him when my account was hacked. I haven't been brave enough to roam to the Islands yet but I may try the painted caves today and go after the Tsuki Wolves. I've also been doing what Basara suggested and imbuing then unravel. Just broke 50 with my worker Salazar. I'll keep at it. I appreciate everyone's advice.