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New SKS Regulations, Rules Etc

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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New SKS Regulations, Rules Etc

SKS Marked Ships
Permission must be granted by KA OOC Leadership to be recognized as a SKS Fleet Vessel. Obviously players could add the name so be sure to check the official Fleet registration post

SKS Ship Paint
The Dark Red Weathered ship paint used on SKS Vessels will no longer be given out for free to members. From now on there will be a fee of 10,000,000 gold per charge or you may purchase the paint from the UOStore for 5.95

Sons of the Sea or Player Tournament Crew Entries
Crews for any SKS vessel will be by invitation only.

Sons of the Sea or Player Tournament Vessel Entries
Ships wishing to enter with the SKS banner will need approval from the Admiral, Vice Admiral or KA OOC Leadership.

Participation During Events
You will show good sportsmanship to fellow crew members and competing crew members of other vessels. You will also show respect to any player event host AND Event Moderator hosting a tournament at all times.