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New Quest


UO Pacific News Reporter
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Thanks for the Great Ape and T-Rex, fun encounters :) What's not to love the Mario style barrels and pits full of crazy apes?


So what is the trick for a solo mage? I can't put a scratch on him.

EV's don't seem to do anything.
I was able to keep two EV's on him for a time. About 8 total, then he sent me to the pit.
Killed me with barrels as i tried to move to a better spot. Can't out run barrels? Just boom, boom dead.

not much fun in that.


Crazed Zealot
well your template must be really good to take them on alone. Just saying that most will fine they cannot do it alone. I know I cannot


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
his template must be really good to take it on alone. I know I cannot.
Looks like a pretty standard mace wielding sampire. Using AI and mace mastery. Pots for panic.

Disco tamer running consume damage can solo him pretty easy also, but it's slower than sampire.

Thrower/archer can kite with AI and use aids/pots for panic.

All in all, he is tough and will take a little time, but certainly doable.