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New pre-GW2 community/guild looking for members.

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Guild Name: Knights of the Silent Oath [TSO]

Games: For now TSO is awaiting the release of Guild Wars 2 which will hold its attention. However, if this community grows, it will open new opportunities for expanding the list of games which its members play.

Guild Type: Casual PvX community focused on having fun and occasionally competitive.

Guild Age: New, premade for GW2, trying to recruit members before the 3 day head start release.

Member Count: about 5 unregistered, please come join.

Leader(s): Currently seeking leaders to help run the guild. I will assume the Leader position for now, seeking a co-leader.

Officer(s): Seeking officers for the areas of PvP, WvW, Raids, and casual. These will be in charge of future recruitment for their specified area, as well as contributing to the planning of and leading the guild events of their areas.

Recruitment Process: Pre-release recruitment is in effect now! please visit the guild website and click the recruitment link at the top to register and apply. New website - Guild hosting - Home

Primary Server ( This is for world PvP): To be determined. I will post a poll on the guild site allowing members to vote for which realm they would like to be a part of. Based on that We will decide which world to join upon the release.

Activity Level of the Guild: Very active guild! However, if a member wishes to be casual, they can do so.

Professions Needed: ALL! We want a diverse community of players and classes. Please help us achieve this! There is a poll on the site for selecting the classes which interest you. Use it!

Guild Alliances: None at the moment, but we are open for alliances. If you wish to be aligned with us, don’t hesitate to ask.

Faction Affiliation: N/A

Is the guild race specific: No, we are not racist! Any and all character races are welcome into the guild, this will increase the diversity of character influence in the guild.

Guild Events: Yes! every week will hold new adventures of dungeon running, PvP contests, and World domination. These events will have in game prizes and will gain member points which will lead to promotions within the guild (special forum tags).

Main Timezone/Region: USA -5est

For or Against Multiple Guild Membership: Personally I would like for each member to be devoted to the guild making it stronger and more profound. However as long as members are active (participating in events) on the toons enrolled in TSO, I don’t see the problem with joining other ones.

Ways of communication: Yes! For now XFIRE and the forum is the main form of communication. When GW2 is released we will start a guild ventrilo server which will be funded by donations given by the guild. Each donation will receive a "I donated tag" for that month. Ventrilo is relatively cheep. Hosting runs anywhere from $5 for 25 slots to $20 for 100 slots. I suggest stating out we will have a 35 slot for $7.

Website: New website - Guild hosting - Home

Contact Info: The website stated above, xFire: lsv4life, Skype: daniel.lamonds, or ask for my facebook.
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