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Neighborhood Cog Population
Are You one of those toons that wants to finish a task fast? Well, you’re in luck! ToonTown Straitcs is now providing a guide that will help you achieve your goals! Check out http://beta.toontown.stratics.com/guides/races/neighborhood-cog-population/ to see where that cog is. Finish toontasks fast with this new guide from ToonTown Stratics!

Cog Buildings
Wow, cog buildings are tough! Am I right? Well, ToonTown Stratics has solved your problems once again! We bring to you the Cog Building Guide, with a lot of information and strategies for cog buildings. In fact, this guide also includes the most difficult cog building of all! That’s right, the Field Office is included too! Check out http://beta.toontown.stratics.com/guides/races/cog-building-basics/!

The Cogs
What is the biggest threat to ToonTown yet? That’s right, Those evil cogs are trying to spoil all our fun! We can’t have that, can we? Well, those cogs are hard to figure out, but after lots of research, we have come up with guides focusing on the four types of cogs. Check these guides out at http://beta.toontown.stratics.com/guides/races/bossbot/, http://beta.toontown.stratics.com/guides/races/sellbot/, http://beta.toontown.stratics.com/guides/races/cashbot/, and http://beta.toontown.stratics.com/guides/races/lawbot/.

I am thinking about playing ToonTown, but I don’t know how that game works. Well, that excuse doesn’t work anymore! That’s right, ToonTown Stratics now has a guide to the basic controls of the game. This makes it easier for newer toons to understand how the game works. Go ahead and Check out http://beta.toontown.stratics.com/guides/toontorial/!

Playgrounds and Streets
Toontasks, toontasks, toontasks! Are you the type of toon that takes toontasks where you have to run to all these different NPCs? Well, that can be a pain, and an even bigger pain is finding the right building! With the new Playgrounds and Streets guide, you can forget about looking around forever trying to find the right building. Each guide has a map of each playground and its surrounding streets! All you have to do is follow the map to the destined building! Check out http://beta.toontown.stratics.com/guides/playgrounds-2/!


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Excellent, excellent job.


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