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New player build question


Hi all!

So recently got in to UO, using a buds account for the time being. Having a lot of fun with a sampire using half decent gear....Though trying to find opinions on current meta sampire templates so I can collate more builds to see which suits my playstyle.

Right now i'm using mace fighting but can switch to swords or another (if there is).

Hoping to read some awesome builds.

Thanks again guys!


Stratics Veteran
swords have more weapon options for a sampire than mace fighting does... BUT for me I like mace better because I like the weapons better even though there are less options for a samp… primary weapon for a samp in mace fighting is the black staff I believe


Lore Master
Try a dragoon. Very fun, and you can rock regular imbued armor to start. Search stratics for it, someone wrote an excellent guide. I prefer it over my sampire in most situations. But as a general answer to your question, swords has more variety of usable weaps (for special moves). Fencing weapons are great for poisoning (although poisoning isn't very good right now), they're generally faster but don't hit as hard. Macing hits hard, but slower so a miss can mean a lot to a sampire in some situations. Macing also hurts armor in pvp I believe and has a low stamina drain built in.

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