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New MMOs in March 2011



Age of Wulin
Age of Wulin is set in the Ming Dynasty when Chinese feudal forces reached the climax. Originating from the Tang Dynasty and developing during the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the martial-arts world finally came into its golden age in the Ming Dynasty, enjoying the most freedom. gPotato set up a teaser site under Age of Wulin website presenting a good number of stuffs there, including the huge background story that comprised of 7 chapters. It also unveils the key features to players in March. Let's recall some key points.

Dragon Nest
The Dragon Nest global version will be co-published by Singapore company Cherry Credits and Chinese MMO giant Shanda Games. Recently, Dragon Nest Global official site has opened, what's more, the Closed Beta sign-up has begun!

Elsword from Kill3rCombo, a joint venture of Level Up! Games and KOG Studios, is a comic book influenced free-to-play gaming experience slated to launch this spring, introducing throngs of new followers to fast-paced gameplay and non-stop adventure. It was confirmed that Elsword would finally come to the US this March 2011.

Legend of Galasia
Legend of Galasia is a 2D MMORPG developed by FUN YOURS Technology Co., Ltd. from Taiwan. It is based on the popular single player title Wind Fantasy in Taiwan with 6+ series over the past few years. The global publishing rights was taken by CilyGame. The 'Legend of Galasia' management team had also promised anticipating players that they scheduled to launch its closed beta in the first quarter of 2011.

Pirates of Black Cove
Pirates of Black Cove, presented by Paradox Interactive, sets the stage in Caribbean in the 16th century, the golden era of pirates, and the game combines RPG gameplay with elements from action and strategy games. This game has just opened closed beta registration.

Lazy to post all new MMOs, more in http://news.mmosite.com/content/2011-04-09/new_mmos_in_march_2011_round_up,4.shtml