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New Magincia Presents "Name The Roads Contest"

Lord Gareth

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Governor Gareth of New Magincia Proudly Presents
In Association with Governor Lady CaT of Yew
"Name The Roads Contest"

Earlier in the week I overheard Bret, one of our local Councilmen giving directions to a visiting fisherman. He was looking for a Fishery Stall to purchase some Bluegill Sunfish to fill their quota since they came up a bit short this week. The fisherman said his ship was bombarded by Ancient Sea Plant like creatures…Anyway, 'tis a dull story.

Once the fisherman was done telling his story and Bret did the whole shocked and amazed he turned and pointed down the road and began giving the fisherman directions. “Go down Sandy road and then turn on Sandy road. Follow Sandy road until you come to Sandy road. I think it’s the second or third Sandy road off Sandy road, then turn right onto Sandy road and take that down to Sandy road. Now Sandy road becomes Sandy road so if you come to Sandy road then you’ve gone too far because it’s right after Sandy road on your left hand side.”

Thanks to the now presumed lost and soon to be declared missing visiting man fisher we are now aware of a Major Public Safety Issue on the roads of our Great Prideful City! But Fear Not! For I, your Faithfully Serving and Proud Governor, has come up with a solution to the to solve this issue! Citizens of New Magincia we invite you to participate in the "Name the Roads Contest" And that's not all! Thanks to the Kindness and Generosity of Governor Lady CaT and the Citizens of Yew, Winning Entries will be engraved upon the most Eloquent and Durable Yewish wood crafted Street Signs!

Contest Rules:
-No inappropriate words or phrases
-Cannot be named after a player
-No Symbols

Entries can be dropped in the New Magincia Governors Office mailbox Located Here. Winning Entries will be chosen by Lord Gareth, Governor of New Magincia and Lady CaT, Governor of Yew and passed along to the King for final approval.
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Lady CaT

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Your announcement is fine. I noticed a mis-typed sentence in third paragraph.

But Fear Not! For I, your Faithfully Serving and Proud Governor, has come up with a solution to the to solve this issue!